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Fortnite Streamer raises record-breaking charity fund of $1 million for St. Jude.

, Fortnite Streamer raises record-breaking charity fund of $1 million for St. Jude., Tech chums
courtesy: Dr.Lupo

Bungie’s final fundraising block of four hours for Guardian Con turned out to be record breaking with a collection of $920,000.Ben-” Dr. Lupo”, The Fortnite streamer, anchored the session and broke the record of his previous year collection by $50,000. A report at The Forbes provided information with the utmost details on the stream.

After an impressive performance last year at the fundraising event, Ben was offered to anchor this year where he had an aim to raise $1 million in his slot. Though he couldn’t achieve that entirely yet the funds weren’t least impressive.

The event targeted to raise funds by $3million which was successfully achieved with a collection more than that. The donations were sent to St Jude Children’s Hospital.  

Ben provided an array of crazy incentives to the donating bodies. Starting from raffle entries to the ability to get him to hamstring his gameplay in the Fortnite to disallowing him entry to the building to make him go weaponless.

Ben also offered to make his son play Fortnite for a collection of $350,000, to make his wife play Resident Evil at $500,000 donation and to perform Pon Pon, the Ninja’s signature dance during the stream himself at a collection of $1 million. However, he was already a bit shy to go perform.

The fun proposals made Ben unique from the rest of the streamers and in the history of gaming charity stream, this was the largest fund ever collected. Ben was also associated with charity fundraising earlier and has achieved what he has promised every time.

Guardian Con is a gaming and community panel platform by Destiny content developers. It will organize its next panel at Orlando after July 4th to raise more funds for St Jude Children’s Hospital. The gaming and industrial provision has been record-breaking and extremely exciting to its users. Undoubtedly, it will grow into one of the mightiest organizations with a cause (charity)  in a few years.

A number of huge organizations from Ninja to state farm appeared to be funding large denominations to make the session successful which was so eye-catching to observe. Gaming, politics, business sectors and many more were seen sending in for the funds of the hospital.