G2A holds a problem to the shady game key release

G2A holds a problem to the shady game key release, Tech chums

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G2A still has an issue with the sketchy resale of important players, to the stage where designers like Mike Rowe proposed it would be superior instead to pirate players. However, the internet believes it has a manner to mitigate the issue. It proposes a tool that would allow designers to prevent from selling certain match keys. Just to extract them from selling, they would have to insert the keys into a control panel. In principle, this would discourage unscrupulous resellers from using bots to peddle keys they acquired through bogus demands for evaluation and gifts manipulated.

However, the company did not plan to do this without collaboration. It said it would be “time-consuming and costly” to create the instrument and requested 100 promoters to report their stake in the instrument by 15 August.

This would discourage some efforts to take advantage of important revenues based on scams. With that said, some of the fundamental problems from match companies are doubtful to be met. 

Although G2A promised to use payment cards and chargebacks to crack down on resale, this tool wouldn’t prevent it. The firm also continues reluctantly to allow designers to prevent full resale matches, claiming that in this discussion “both parties have good marks.” There is still a clear chance that on the system you will see unpleasant match keys, even if they are not as common as they were.

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G2A holds a problem to the shady game key release, Tech chums