Microsoft Surface laptop 3: Still several months away

The original Surface Laptop is almost two years old now, but it didn’t make much sense compared to the remainder of the Surface lineup when it first came out, stuck with Windows 10 S Mode. 

Nevertheless, when last year’s Surface Laptop 2 published, it refined the formula enough to become one of the finest laptops on the market. Beyond apparent internals upgrades, such as Intel Whiskey Lake or Ice Lake processors, a greater resolution and Thunderbolt 3 are the lowest on our wishlist–but Microsoft’s willingness to leave its proprietary Surface connector is probable.

Now, obviously we don’t have any solid Surface Laptop 3 information–even rumors are thin on the ground–but that doesn’t mean we can’t create a wish list of what we want to see in the third Surface Laptop. 

When it started last October, the Surface Laptop 2 was one of the finest clamshell laptops , but others like Dell, HP, and Lenovo notebooks have jumped ahead in these latest months. Now it is the perfect time for Microsoft to get back on track by releasing a Surface Laptop 3 that addresses some of the last-gen model’s shortcomings.

The Surface Laptop 3’s design continues a mystery, with rumors focusing more on specs and release date. 

There was no speculation that Microsoft would move away from the Surface Laptop layout of the signature, so we’re expecting to see more of the Alcantara plush fabric on the deck. We’re also going to cross our fingers that Microsoft is continuing to sell the stealthy black model, although it would appreciate a cost cut on that version.

Microsoft has not formally announced a Surface Laptop 3 release date or sent invitations to its annual Surface case. Regardless, when the products will be unveiled, we have a pretty good idea. 

We’re still several months away from getting any credible intelligence on how much it will cost the Surface Laptop 3. But if Microsoft keeps positioning it as a rival for MacBook Air, then expect a starting cost of around $1,000. If rumors about an AMD variant are true, then some alternatives could also be somewhat cheaper.


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Microsoft Surface laptop 3: Still several months away, Tech chums