Microsoft’s 9-inch Foldable Surface PC with Windows Core OS will run Android Apps: Reports reveal.

Microsoft is planning to ship Foldable Surface PC geared with the new version of Windows Core OS into the market in the first half of 2020 according to Brooke Crothers at Forbes. Microsoft has never been curious about revealing the future of Windows but we get them right every time. 

Jefflin, Associate Director at Consumer Electronics IHS Markit has reported to Forbes this market information through an email citing “supply chain info”. This device will be capable of running Android applications and providing iCloud services.

The foldable windows device to run Android apps was under the planning named “Andromeda” which was supposed to be a mobile phone but was ultimately wrapped into project codename “Centaurus” which was under work since 2018, states a report by Zac Bowden at the Windows Central.

The Foldable Surface PC will not feature a single flexible screen but will have two 9inch screens of 4:3 aspect ratio, a dual display UI and will always be connected to LTE or 5G connectivity. The device will be powered by 10nm Lakefield Intel processor. 

Forbes reports:

“Other details cited by IHS Markit include:

Will use Windows 10 OS new version — WCOS (Windows Core OS) — for dual display UI (User Interface)

Adopt Intel 10 nanometer (nm) system-on-a-chip (SOC) Lakefield*

Run Android Apps and iCloud service in Windows 10

Always on connectivity function (LTE or 5G)”

IHS Markit is a London based source of critical information on Market launching. 

Samsung Galaxy Fold after having pulled down due to glitch at launch is also on its way to shipment along with Huawei Mate X both of which feature a foldable screen. Earlier, Lenovo had released its single foldable screen device to the market, shooting up the fresh demands.

Rapid evolution in the field of smartphone devices has led to the entry of foldable devices into the market yet the shortcomings of foldable screens are not new to the buyers. 

Zac Bowden was informed through an internal source that the 9inch foldable surface PCs teaser will release at an October hardware event with an official announcement of Windows Lite.

The interesting matter of fact is to look at whether Microsoft’s tablet-laptop hybrid will be able to gather huge market share and serve the purpose of its evolution properly or not.


Windows Central 


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Microsoft’s 9-inch Foldable Surface PC with Windows Core OS will run Android Apps: Reports reveal., Tech chums