Microsoft’s Prohibition and Discourage List includes Slack, Grammarly, Github, Google Docs and Amazon web services.

Tech giant Microsoft is supposed to have prohibited its employees from using Slack for official purposes along with Grammarly for security reasons as per a report by Geekwire.

Slack is popular among engineers and tech departments of various huge platforms for easing out the work for them. This prohibition imposed by Microsoft could make work more challenging in the days to come.

Since 2017 the friction between Microsoft and slack was clearly visible yet the prohibition appears to be a tough step to take. Both the companies have declared each other to be their primary competitors time and again. 

At New York, Slack made its entry into the stock exchanges market without stock partners and declared Microsoft as its primary competitor. In such a situation, protecting the organization’s private information from the competitors could be the factor that led to the decision.

On the list of prohibited software, the other entry is of Grammarly. The reason provided is that: Grammarly can access the Information Rights Management (IRM) and protected contents in emails and documents. Microsoft is working on how to reduce the vulnerability of sensitive information within the organization from the software.

It is quite noteworthy that Slack has no direct operational relation with Microsoft. The involvement of APIs and other related sources deliver services from Slack to Microsoft. It is also important to learn that both the companies have not commented on the report officially.

 Besides prohibiting certain services, Microsoft has allegedly discouraged the use of certain software such as the cloud version of Github, Google Docs and Amazon web services. Sources reveal that this move is a target towards reducing competition for Microsoft in its own niche.

Microsoft Azure Cloud and Office 365 are constantly challenged by Amazon web services and Google Docs respectively.

The discouraged apps will require specific permissions from Microsoft for any operation within the office and sensitive data will not be filed with these apps running.

Though this decision cannot directly affect the market position of Microsoft yet this could have possible implications for the employee’s convenience at work in the beginning. 

For a Tech-Giant like Microsoft, saving critical data from state-sponsored espionage is undoubtedly a priority. It is a fresh battle every day to safeguard the sensitive data and work models when competitors are around. Alongside survival in the market, this battle keeps getting complex and demands well-designed decisions. All we can hope is Microsoft achieving its goal with the prohibition. 



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Microsoft’s Prohibition and Discourage List includes Slack, Grammarly, Github, Google Docs and Amazon web services., Tech chums