No More Ransom Project has avoided revenues of 108 million dollars

On the 3rd anniversary of the No More Ransom initiative, Europol announced that ransomware gangs were prevented from making earnings estimated at least $108 million. The victims were given to download and decrypt files with free instruments made accessible from No More Ransom portal.

However, an Emsisoft spokesman said ZDNet, estimating that $108 million Europol has today shared is

Truly a great underestimation of how effective telemetry decryptions are – in other words when phone-home instruments verify that they did their work.

Emsisoft spokesman

Europol said that only the free decryption instruments provided for the GandCrab Ransomware on the No More Ransom website avoided approximately $50 million in ranking payments alone.

The project started in July 2016, now includes 82 instruments for decrypting 109 distinct ransomware kinds.

Most of the antiviral workers such as Emsisoft, Avast and Bitdefender, among others, were founded and shared with national police organizations, CERTs or online communities such as Bleeping Computers.

The antivirus producer Emsisoft, which published 32 decryption instruments for 32 diverse ransomware strains, has far been the most competent member.

In all, Europol stated that more than three million customers had visited the Site and that since it was launched, more than 200,000 customers have accessed No More Ransom instruments.

Visitors to the site came from 188 nations all around the globe and showed that the project has now become worldwide despite the project started in Europe.

The most visitors to the site were from South Korea, the USA, the Netherlands, Russia, and Brazil, according to the statistics shared by Europol today.

No more Ransom began with three founding partners–Dutch Police, Kaspersky, and McAfee–but has over 150 partners worldwide now.

The only oddity in the maquillage of No More Ransom is the lack of any US police agency. Everybody else is depicted, apart from that. Partners come from all sectors, from law enforcement to government and private sector organizations.


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No More Ransom Project has avoided revenues of 108 million dollars, Tech chums