Now watch Amazon Prime Videos in your own Headspace

Now no more struggling with the TV remote or laptop keyboard, Amazon prime videos are now available on the headgear. Amazon is releasing a fresh Prime Video VR app to expand the footprint of the service in two respects, starting with a couple of 360-degree videos, and ending up with three popular VR headsets.

When the television is busy, you don’t have to settle for watching Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on your phone, or worry you’ll spoil Good Omens for a friend.

Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, and Samsung Gear VR consumers will be able to access the entire library of Prime Video movies and TV shows using the free app with an active Prime subscription. 

The videos will show at the middle of a polygonal cartoon interface that looks much like Prime Day VR stations in Amazon’s Indian shopping mall; Amazon offers complete access to all their Prime Video and VR content on these platforms for subscribers.

The app provides users with a manner to watch Prime Video titles in a virtual theater environment, as well as a voice search for the whole Prime catalog.  

Prime Video VR is only accessible to U.S. and UK Prime subscribers at the launch, but there seems to be a way for customers who are not Prime subscribers to browse their purchases of Amazon Video.

Amazon has been spreading into Virtual Reality for a long time. Back in 2016, work offers disclosed that Amazon Studios was looking for the business to generate original VR content.

The app also promotes creature comforts to rapidly discover titles or whole categories, such as voice search. To watch videos in your library, you don’t need a Prime subscription, although you still need one to watch any VR-specific content.

The app is presently accessible for headset customers in the United States and the UK in the Oculus Store. As with Netflix and other VR video streaming applications, this is not so much about establishing a superior viewing room as it looks at your terms.

Via: Engadget


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Now watch Amazon Prime Videos in your own Headspace, Tech chums