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OpenAI releases MuseNet which creates some incredible music with AI

Elon Musk had co-founded OpenAI which is a non-profit artificial intelligence organization but then left it because of disagreement within the board. OpenAI has now released MuseNet which creates music with AI.

There are various tools available, from classical to jazz, there are many music styles and a wide assortment of instruments. The AI is not capable of understanding the actual “music”. It just worked on enormous music sets. OpenAI then taught it to create some real music.

The basic requirements for MuseNet is a starting point. By choosing from a variety of compositions you can give the AI The start it needs and it’ll do the rest of the work on its own. You can even have Mozart and Lady Gaga!

You just set your composition start point and the style you want the music to be in and voila! MuseNet has posted a lot of sample music its AI created and they are truly amazing. There’s even a full song where the band kicks in after some time and there are multiple instruments.

For some time, I felt that I was listening to music that was actually composed by a real artist. But then the instruments started to overlap and it became weird at a point.

Here’s what MuseNet says on its website

The instruments you ask for are strong suggestions, not requirements. MuseNet generates each note by calculating the probabilities across all possible notes and instruments. The model shifts to make your instrument choices more likely, but there’s always a chance it will choose something else.

MuseNet has a more difficult time with odd pairings of styles and instruments (such as Chopin with bass and drums). Generations will be more natural if you pick instruments closest to the composer or band’s usual style.

OpenAI has an incredible reputation; Its bot even defeated the Dota 2’s world champion in a match. It seems that MuseNet is no slouch either. Does this seem like a thing of the future which might actually become a possibility? Let us know.


Nina Young

Nina is a tech enthusiast, a programmer, and a Chess player who lives in New Jersey. She deeply believes that technology now has the capability to shape the future of people if used in the right direction.

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OpenAI releases MuseNet which creates some incredible music with AI, Tech chums