Scammers and Bots have intoxicated Instagram.

Social media is at the heart of our lives these days and it’s no surprise that many individuals or corporations are exploiting the platform for their personal gains. If you’re a regular Instagram user, you must have encountered comments on the posts of various celebrities which are carefully written using reverse psychology. These comments are often scripted by a bot and are from usernames which are very similar.

The most widespread comment has to be, “We gonna ignore the fact that I’ve GOT A HUGE BOOTY”, but it isn’t limited to this. There are a ton of variations of these comments over posts of popular brands and companies.

These comments garner a lot of likes and often reach the topmost spot. Thus, when you start browsing comments over a famous celeb’s post, these comments are the first thing you read. Once you click on them, the bio of these profiles will often contain links to pornographic websites or other similar websites which will mislead you into entering your personal information. The profiles mostly contain images of half-naked women thus enticing many men to enter their profile and eventually click on the link. Some of these pages even post stories to make you believe that it’s indeed a real account. But most of them are bots.

Bots like these are prevalent throughout the social media platform and to counter this evil, there exist accounts like “Bot Police” which report these bots to Instagram on a regular basis and encourage their followers to do the same.

There are some bots which make posts and stories offering “verified status” to a user for a fee. With this status, a blue tick next to the account’s name becomes visible. This status is given to only public celebrities, influencers, and brands. What’s surprising is that often these bots have a verified status which further misleads the people. Instagram has, however, claimed that some verified accounts were hacked then renamed and then made bots.

Not only that, some bots often offer a guaranteed number of followers for a price. They advertise say 1000 followers for $5 and so on. They also post stories with fake testimonials so that people are led to believe that these accounts are legit and thus eventually get scammed.

Instagram is not oblivious to these occurrences and has clearly stated that it has deployed Machine Learning tools to combat these issues. The corporation clearly wants its users to have a safe and clean experience and thus is working hard to keep the spam away from the platform.


Mary Deshazo

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Scammers and Bots have intoxicated Instagram., Tech chums