Silicon Valley’s giants are watching you on sex websites

Tech sites like Google and Facebook are tracking your Porn Interests

Silicon Valley’s giants are tracking you on porn interests while you are on the sex websites even in incognito mode, the report stated.

New Media & Society paper, an upcoming report of Cornell University which scanned 22,484 pornography websites, trackers from tech firms such as Google and Facebook are logging your most private browsing information without your acknowledgment. 

This article explores pornography websites the hazards of monitoring and privacy. The assessment of 22,484 pornography websites showed that 93% of user information was leaked to third parties. 

The report published by Cornell University has identified three key consequences of quantitative outcomes of tracking on porn hubs:

  1. The unique/high risk of porn information leakage versus other kinds of information;
  2. The specific risks/impact for vulnerable communities; and
  3. The problems of offering consent to porn site customers and the need for affirmative approval in these online sexual interactions.

Some trackers from Google Analytics who provide worldly traffic data to the web. In exchange, these third-party companies receive data on the website from the visitors. Facebook and Google dismissed the use of potential information collected by their trackers on pornography websites to build marketing profiles for advertising individuals.

According to Elena Maris, Microsoft’s postdoctoral researcher and lead author of the study, the porn sites should think more seriously about the data they retain because it can be delicate in the case of health. They should always remember that the protection of data is vital in case of visitors’ safety. And what this information suggest that these websites and platforms have not considered the seriousness of the matter like the way they should have.

This is not the end. There are lots of more information which will shock you in the same manner. Jennifer Henrichsen who is one of the writer of this report and Tim Libert, a computer science teacher from Carnegie Mellon had discovered that around 93 % of the pornography websites they scanned regularly sent information to an average of seven third-party domains.

And webXray is the tool which was used for detection and matching applications for third party informational requests to scan locations and sites. Most of that information was sent by tracking cookies from outside companies which is almost 79 percent of websites that transmitted user data.

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Silicon Valley’s giants are watching you on sex websites, Tech chums