The latest iOS beta prompts you to uninstall applications with paid subscriptions

Apple has already shown us numerous changes within a couple of days. But this is something we were not waiting for. With developers and curious users sporadically finding fresh characteristics, big and small, Apple’s upcoming iOS 13 is presently in beta mode. A recent shift in the iOS 13 beta 2 shows an updated popup box that warns users when the application is deleted if they are actively subscribed to the application. The function can be helpful to remind customers that they need to update/cancel their app subscriptions before they decide to part with it.

It’s no secret that Apple’s growing dependence on subscription services is intended to maintain its revenue healthy, ensuring that the business itself and developers can depend on constant revenue from subscriptions to applications from clients. If you are trying to delete active subscription applications, iOS 13 and iPadOS now warn you.

The new popup, introduced on Monday in Apple’s second beta, also includes a “Manage Subscription” button that makes it easier to cancel subscribers you don’t need anymore.

Subscriptions are becoming an increasingly common way for mobile app developers to generate income. If you are installing a high-quality app and it cost you nothing to download it, there is a nice possibility that it will have a subscription.

You may even have subscribed to applications and forgot to pay a premium, but iOS 13 will assist you to remember. You will be led to cancel your subscription when you try to delete an app for which you are still coughing up.

The fresh popup, spotted by Federico Viticci in the second iPadOS beta, asks “Would you like to maintain your subscription to this app?”The prompt describes you can continue to use your subscription on other devices and reminds you when you renew your subscription. You can press the “Manage Subscription” button if you want to cancel, according to the cult of mac.

This will bring you straight to the App Store subscriptions section, where you can cancel any subscriptions you no longer need. Apple continues to create changes to iOS 13, this change, along with the others produced in iOS 13 and iPadOS beta 2, is proof that Apple is continuing to work on improvements during the beta testing phase for its next-generation upgrades.

We’ll probably see a lot more improvements like this in future betas before iOS 13 and iPadOS roll out this fall to everyone.

To that extent, uninstalling an app in iOS 13’s recent beta release to which you have a paid subscription will encourage you to possibly unsubscribe from that app. This may be a good idea because there are reasonable chances that if you delete the app, you will no longer be planning to use the associated service.

That’s not always going to be the case, of course: you could just momentarily remove the app, you could still intend to use it on another device, or you might even want to continue to support the developer who created it. The prompt simply says “Manage Subscription,” which is what copywriters may call a soft call-to-action— it doesn’t tell you to unsubscribe, it just makes it an option.

If consumers want to unsubscribe while the app is being deleted, they can either click the Manage Subscription button to cancel their current plan or press Keep to remove the app but maintain the subscription.

The popup acts as a useful reminder to avoid recurrence of unwanted subscription charges and is indicative of a future in which most of the applications installed on our devices are linked to some kind of subscription model.


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The latest iOS beta prompts you to uninstall applications with paid subscriptions, Tech chums