4th August will be the day of the Super Smash Bros-Ultimate, Smash Finale at EVO 2019

This is likely our best indication for the imminent release of the Smash Bros Dragon Quest Hero- Ultimate. The Smash Bros is being updated by Nintendo. Last spirit database with a lot of spirits from the Dragon Quest. Compare this to today’s news about a possible publication date of 4 August 2019, and things look quite nice!

The expert of Super Smash Bros-Ultimate, PushDustIn lately tweeted an ad in a Japanese convenience shop on 7/11. The ad suggests that this summer, Hero will be playable in Smash from Square Enix’s Dragon Quest series. The display only lasts until 4 August.

The day of the Smash Final at EVO 2019 will just take place on 4 August. Smash is already the most recorded EVO title, so Nintendo will surely be looking forward to a big crowd. 

Release of DLC nature would be an excellent way to create fresh interest throughout this hype. Besides, in the past, EVO has produced several important announcements for combat games. Smash would naturally continue this heritage with a fresh character release.

Nintendo disclosed at E3 2019 that the’ Hero’ from the Super Smash Bros Dragon Quest series will be present. This summer’s final as DLC. 

The arrival of the character seems close–Nintendo’s spirit database with various Dragon Quest spirits has been updated with Gamexplains. The Hero is also anticipated to celebrate its history, much like Joker.

The Challenger Pack is accessible for $5.99 as standalone. It costs $24.99 but gives you access to all five Challengers Packs, Joker’s and Banjo Kazooie’s. You can also obtain the’ last fighters pass.’ Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. Last but not least, on switch alone.

Of course, Hero is not going to make it to Super Smash Bros completely feasible. The end of the 7/11 pop-up screen seems to be 4 of August. 

Technically, summer 2019 lasts throughout most of September, and Hero may slip away. It seems unlikely, but there are all kinds of hips of growth to avoid the prompt release of Hero.

Super Smash Bros is coming to an end in July and EVO 2019 just around the corner. Last fans won’t have to wait much longer if Dragon Quest’s Hero will find out for sure.


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4th August will be the day of the Super Smash Bros-Ultimate, Smash Finale at EVO 2019, Tech chums