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6 PES 2020 Tips and Tricks to Ensure Victory

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Football Lovers! Today I am here for PES 2020 tips and tricks to win the game. FIFA and PES are winning hearts every year by bringing something new each season. FIFA, we know, is unbeatable and has gained a lot of popularity while PES 2020 is none the less. PES 2020 has brought some amazing features and players are really enjoying the game.

While playing the game, whether in reality or in the video, you need some important tips and tricks to ensure victory. Like if you are preparing for an exam, you need some tips. If you are cooking food, you need some tips. If you are playing chess, you need some tips and tricks. So, tips and tricks are always needed. Same way, to play PES 2020 there are PES 2020 tips and tricks that will ensure your victory and I am going to discuss a few of those here.

PES 2020 Features

  1. PES Visual Interface is so appealing and attractive that once you would start playing its hard to leave. Very clear and astonishing graphics.
  2. More realistic gameplay will leave you in such an environment that you will experience football on the ground, not on the screen.
  3. Better Wonderkids.
  4. PES Master League is a bit challenging yet the best game mode to play on.

PES 2020 TIPS and Tricks

1) Work on your Defensive Position

Your defensive positioning matters. To stay and hold yourself in the game will require a lot of patience. When to attack and when to defend should be your first aim to learn. This is the main PES 2020 tip that will ensure your victory.

2) Work on “Stadium” Camera Angle

As there are many views in the game to look on the ground, one of the views is “Stadium”. It covers a broad view and hence larger width of the ground allowing you to take necessary decisions on time. If you are used to the old camera angle, in the start you will find it difficult to use “Stadium” but its worth mastering!

3) Try not to make unrealistic passes

If you try to make a pass facing away from the receiver will result in a ball veering off course. Getting used to not making an unrealistic pass will come by practice only. So, try to calculate each pass carefully and then make an informed decision. Players are more efficient at gaining significant blocks and headed clearances due to an array of new animations, so locate your defenders, and you’ll prevent plenty of goals.

4) Keep in Mind Advance Instructions

You can easily activate advance instructions on the Game Plan screen. It will allow you to tell tactics to your team. What kind of advance instructions does it include? It includes instructions like Attacking Full-Backs, Deep Defensive Line, Anchoring and many more. It is always necessary to check for the advance setting to ensure victory.

5) Learn How to Super Cancel

After Advance Instructions, now comes the role of advance controls. Advanced controls allow you to take an instant decision. By pressing R1/RB and R2/RT your player will immediately drop the action they were doing, and thus you will have greater control over the squad.

6) Make use of Manual Shooting

Manual Shooting is not easy and requires a lot of mastery. Some PES veterans love to use manual controls. The manual controls are difficult to remember as you need to learn all the key combinations. Luckily, you can make the best of both worlds by holding the L2 (LT on Xbox) button to force manual controls. By this, you will have more command over the situation.

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So gamers, How do you like the article? Feeling curious to turn your system screen and going back to play? Now, you know all the PES 2020 tips and tricks to play better and win the game.

I think now you are enough prepared to go and play the match. Also, Choose wonder kids wisely, if you are choosing. Becoming a legend should be your aim.

Share your feedback about which tricks worked for you the most and how. This will help us to improve the article in the near future.

Thank you!!

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