Alexa can now guard your home while you’re out

Amazon, in a surprise, has rolled out the Alexa Guard which is available to all the Echo users. Your Echo device can now listen for breaking a glass and send you alerts. It can also turn the lights on randomly when it senses a threat. Though, don’t consider it a replacement for a full-blown security system. This is just a nifty feature for the Echo devices

Alexa accomplishes this by using the wake word behavior for the Echo devices. Usually, it listens for the word “Alexa” or the other words to activate. In a similar fashion, Alexa listens for breaking glass sounds or other noises if the guard is activated and then carries some basic preventative actions. You can make full use of it if you have smart lights paired with your Alexa.

It won’t, however, contact the police department for you or bypass the do not disturb feature on your phone it is turned on. In that case, if your phone is set to DND, then you’ll miss these notifications. If a burglar robs home or the house catches fire, it’ll be too late for you to reach there in time.

Some smoke alarms are also supported by Alexa like the Nest Protect. If you have an Echo show, you can actually look up what’s happening inside the house remotely before you call for the emergency services. Some security systems are also supported. Alexa can send audio and other information to these systems which can act based on how they’re configured. This is definitely a major step up from having no security system at all.

Moreover, Alexa is now finally supporting Apple Music in Australia and New Zealand on Echo and Fire Devices. Thus, Apple Music subscribers can now ask Alexa to play songs, artists, genre, playlists and much more from their  Apple Music library.

Also, Amazon is selling the Echo Connect at an impressive discount of 30% at a price of $24.49. The Echo Connect connects the home phone line to your Echo devices thus allowing you to make calls directly with your voice via Alexa with all your contacts synced.


Nina Young

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Alexa can now guard your home while you’re out, Tech chums