All new Alexa-Powered murder mystery board game St Noire revealed by Nolan

Nolan Bushnell, co-founder of Atari, and Hollywood Creative Director Zai Ortiz have innovated a first of its kind in the entertainment industry or gaming to be precise: St Noire, An Alexa powered murder mystery Board Game.

St Noire is available exclusively on Amazon at $40, it is a new taste for the game trends. X2 Games created the game to relatively collaborate the voice commands and cinematic voice performance with the use of Amazon’s Alexa.

On July 18, Bushnell and Ortiz took the panel to welcome questions and comments on the launch. The panel was moderated by Collabsco’s Val Vacante at San Diego Comic-Con: Gamifying Technology: The future of Gaming. The panel extended from 11.45 am to 12.45 am in room number 6BCF, reports Venture beats.

St. Noire has a number of voice actors delivering it the audio versatility of 2500 lines of Spoken Dialogue with extreme voice modulation to add drama and breath in more life to the real game-like situation. It is the world’s first fully voice-acted board game designed for Amazon Alexa. The detective murder mystery turns to the game adds stirring thrill to the power of the game’s broad design and skillful creation. 

The player will be capable of taking up the role of a hardboiled detective who is out to solve a murder mystery in the city of St Noire. The game can be played in multiplayer mode where you will function as a team to solve the mystery or you can even go Solo on the venture quest. Provided you have a sense of the situation and can look for clues out of the way, you can easily find out the character with fault and eventually solve the case with the murderer being Found. 

To make sure that no two games overlap, the storyline of each has been kept unique and the murderer identity has been randomized in the best way possible. You will feel the fresh content when you start a new game. A Full game play-through will take 15 minutes to half an hour to get solved depending upon your move in the game. 

What is the most exciting thing about St Noire is the idea of gamifying voice control technology through the fusion of cinematic storytelling with board games? The game is not only changing the landscape of board gaming but is also forcing the limits of what smart speaker gaming should mean and look like. 

St. Noire will also debut at Comic-Con on the #IMDboat on July 20, where the writer/director Kevin Smith will host a live show segment with Nolan and Zai. Coverage will be accessible by IMDb’s more than 250 million unique monthly visitors via IMDb’s website, mobile apps and social media accounts.


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All new Alexa-Powered murder mystery board game St Noire revealed by Nolan, Tech chums