All you need to know about Android Q AMA; Summary.

Over Reddit, Google answered the questions about Android Q Beta

The engineering team at Google Android Q beta answered the questions of anticipating customers over Reddit during an Ask Me Anything period of hosting. The AMA started at 12 pm PST on August 1 and lasted for about an hour and a half. There were 33 engineers who made up the answering team and out of their answers, here the summary is presented to you.

Expected changes regarding screenshot on Android R

Google is looking ahead to add the feature of capturing scrolling screenshot in Android R but at the same time, the Android Team is looking at improving the overall screen experience for the Android R. The upcoming major Android updates might incorporate such features but as of now, Android Q will stick the Beta provision.

The new desktop mode

In the public release of Beta Version of Android Q, a hidden desktop mode interface was brought in front of the users in the AOSP and Pixel Launcher. 

Google clarified the matter on how the feature actually settles on the Android ecosystem as,

“In Q AOSP ‘desktop mode’ is a developer option targeted for application developers. It allows them to test their apps in multi-display and freeform windowing mode environments. Previously there was no convenient way to test app behavior on a secondary display and with freely resizable windows on stock Android. This feature is not productized on its own and is not meant for regular users at the moment. Nevertheless, it is the baseline of the Android platform for OEMs to innovate and make great products.”

OEMs will not kill apps when the user clears them from the recent

Generally, the better optimization on Smartphones kill the background apps, even those that the user wants to keep running like a music player or background uploading. This behavior becomes annoying for both the user and developer, who receive a number of negative comments regarding the inaccuracy and inhospitality of the feature though they know that the app has no hands in the cutting down. However, Google has not fully addressed the matter. The company is working towards the battery saving behavior of some OEMs. To help the situation, Google has added a CTS test in Android Q to ensure that the App is not killed upon being swiped from the Recents Tab.

Camera 2 API/ Camera HAL3

Google introduced the Camera 2 API to develop the interaction between apps and individual cameras connected on the smartphone. While Google even suggested developers to  “expose all their physical cameras to developers,” many vendors choose not to do so even though “the API itself is not preventing them today.”

This means that many third-party camera apps cannot use the secondary or tertiary camera modules on modern smartphones. Progress is being made, however, as Android Q has improved logical multi-camera, an API which gives developers access to all cameras on a device and which gives OEMs control over power consumption and management of multiple camera states.

 The Dark Mode.

Android Q finally brings a widely requested feature: system-wide dark mode. Currently, the dark mode can either be manually enabled in Settings or via a Quick Settings tile, or it can be automatically activated when Battery Saver is enabled. Before Android Q, there was an option to enable dark mode based on the time of day, but that option was deprecated. According to Chris Banes;

“There are a few reasons why this is deprecated (not removed) in AppCompat v1.1.0: it requires apps to request location permissions to be accurate, and even with a valid location the sunrise/sunset time calculations can be buggy.”

That acknowledgment is rather disappointing. Users have already pointed to issues with Android’s dark mode implementation, as it doesn’t switch seamlessly. Switching between dark and light mode, or vice versa, currently causes the open app to reload. If you’re browsing a web page or playing a game when the device switches between modes, the app will refresh and kick you back to the top of the page or reset the game, potentially deleting save progress. 

App theming using Jetpack Compose

Currently, Google is hoping that its Jetpack Compose UI framework will bring about interesting approaches to dynamic theming while still opposing the use of runtime resource overlays by the users to themes app.

Android Q gesture bar is less static

As per XDA Developers, Once full-screen navigation is selected, the Navigation bar mostly goes away and is replaced by a small horizontal line across the bottom. This bar looks very similar to the home bar on iOS, only smaller. The gestures also function in a very similar way to iOS. Swiping up from the bar, while in an application, will go to the home screen (a neat bouncy effect on the adaptive icons helps sell the motion). Swiping up and holding will bring up the recent apps switcher. Swiping horizontally along the bottom bar will scroll through recent apps, again, much like in iOS.

Here’s where things get messy. The ever-important Back button, which is still a critical component of Android navigation, has been moved to a swipe from either side of the screen. A swipe from outside the display inward activates the back button on either side.

Allen Huang says that they “totally agree there are opportunities” to make the “navigation line less static.” He further says that “this is something we’re working on – but also balancing so it’s not distractingly appearing/disappearing.”

At the same time, many information were left behind without proper address like :

Screen Recording information is obscure

The running of gestures on a third-party launcher 

The dark theme on Major apps( distinctive guidelines left unexplained)

Overall, most of the information was disseminated which we re considered to be more important and associated with immediate concerns.


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