Amazon plans to release its third-tier Hi-Fi music streaming service.

After Amazon made a change to its music streaming service by introducing a free plan, it seems that Amazon is not taking any breath for now.

As reported to the MBW, apparently Amazon is going to release a third-tier of subscription which would offer Hi-Fi lossless music quality for $15 a month.

This service is going to go head to head against its competition, Tindal, and Deezer which also offer similar kind of music. However, Amazon’s offering is cheaper as Tindal’s monthly subscription fee is $19.99 a month. It’s reported that this music will be better than “CD Quality”.

The service is expected to be launched in 2019 itself and it is also reported that Amazon has struck a deal with a major record producer already. The direct competitors of Amazon in this space, Spotify and Apple Music have never offered this kind of music and thus it seems that Amazon Music wants to be in each of the segment and is looking to expand.

Currently, the financial benefits that this service might offer remain unclear as Spotify which is at #1 still has only one tier while Apple Music which is #2 has only two tiers.

We will thus have to wait for Amazon to make its next move and for us to get the actual statistics. Is this the right direction for the streaming service to proceed?

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Amazon plans to release its third-tier Hi-Fi music streaming service., Tech chums