Is it worth to buy Amazon Prime Student membership? Complete Review!

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One of my friend’s son is a university student and he was continuously compelling his dad that he wants to buy Amazon Prime Student membership. My friend and I discussed it and we were thinking what’s the actual need of Prime membership for a student? So, I started searching on the web and came out to a conclusion.  Read the article below to know the actual findings of Amazon Prime Student membership.

Are you too confused for the same? Starting from what is Amazon Prime Student membership to how much does it cost, its benefits and disadvantages. This complete detailed review will take you on a tour of Amazon prime.

What is Amazon Prime Student Membership?

Amazon Prime Student is a pack issued for college students only. This is a special pack with very low cost, yes there is a little difference between student’s pack and  Amazon prime membership pack but that’s not huge!

A student may come across many needs during his college life like the urgent need of books, Groceries or food items from Amazon pantry, Kindle access, and yes some entertainment in free time. So, The pack is made keeping in view the needs and spending of the student. This option came in 2010 and has now grown up its root but some people are still unaware. Do not worry, Read Below!

How much does it cost? Comparison to other Prime membership!

 Now the real question comes, How much does it cost?

A college student can not afford $119/year, we all know that right? So, a 50% discount is given on the student’s ID.

Amazon Prime Student Membership: $59/year

Amazon Prime membership: $119/year

Till the year 2018, Amazon Prime membership cost was $99/year but a huge spike in rates the very next year in 2019 was unbelievable.

Moreover, if you want to go for the monthly subscription then,

Amazon Prime Student Membership: $6.49/month, and thus $77.88/year

Amazon Prime membership: $12.99/month, and thus 155.88/year.

Such a Huge difference!! Better to opt for the annual pack.

Eligibility Requirements

If you are a student and you have .edu address then you can easily apply for the Amazon Prime Student membership program.

If you do not have a .edu address, then things will not work out. Contact the department and get a .edu address from there for you. This is needed because you will get an email activation alert only on .edu address.

Ther is one more solution if you do not have a .edu address. Send an email to with the below-given information:

  • Your transcript or class list with your name, your university’s name and the current term on it.
  • Your tuition bill with your name, your university’s name and the current term on it
  • An official acceptance letter for the upcoming term (must include matriculation date)

If you already have an Amazon account, you can go ahead and register for Amazon Student from within your account using your current address. However, you will need to verify your account once you’ve signed up with a .edu account.

5 Benefits of Amazon Prime Student Membership that will Blow you mind

1) A Trial of 6 months

Students get a free trial of 6 months. wow! You do not have to spend any money until six months, though your credit card is attached.

2) Prime Delivery

Delivery time matters a lot. IF I have ordered something and I am getting it a month later then that’s of no use. Or if I need something urgently and can not even go out then only the fastest delivery will be helpful for me. amazon prime students membership pack provided:

  • Free one day delivery on any purchase.
  • Recieve items by 9 pm the very next day.

For more information about delivery, visit here.

3) Prime Videos

The huge collection of videos is here for you. You will be amazed to see famous movies and shows and will be happier. Every movie is accessible, with no restrictions.

4) Early Access to deals

Whenever you opt for the prime pack, you will get early access to deals. Like if a new mobile has launched in the market and only some pieces have come over after some days. If you apply for it and some other customer who is a non-member of prime, then you will get early access to the deal.

5) Prime Music

  • Unlimited Access to any song
  • On-demand access
  • Ads-free content
  • Listen offline means the songs are downloadable.

6) Amazon photos

Take your photos and save it on the Amazon cloud. Now you can access them anywhere anytime. Moreover, you can watch them on big screen as well.

And Here are a few disadvantages to note down!

1) Free shipping may compel you to spend more on shopping. So, to use the services up to 110%, do not overspend.

2) Your card details are now stored somewhere in the database of Amazon prime. Though the information is safe this may haunt you sometimes!

Before you Go…

So friends, if you have decided to take the Amazon Prime Student membership and you are fulfilling all the eligibility requirements too then, why wait for more.

Click the Link to Signup and Start Your 6 months Free Trial: SIGN UP

Do not forget to Set a Remainder as soon as you activate the subscription. 6 months is a long time and you may forget about it. So, better to set a reminder, so that if you want to proceed you can and if you want to cancel you can!

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Final note

Thanks for Reading! In the world of digitalization, everything that comes your way has some advantages and disadvantages. It’s completely up to an individual in which direction he wants to go! The benefits are more, the choice is yours!

I hope you would like the article. Share your feedback.

Take care guys! Stay at Home, Stay Safe!

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