Android Auto is likely to have one of the biggest changes is a dark theme with colorful accents

Android Auto is a strong character that even affects many users ‘ purchasing choices when it comes to a fresh car. Today, Google has disclosed its full renovation of Android Auto, which will begin this summer.

Advertised ahead of Google’s I / O, Android Auto is being redesigned enormously, fully revising the platform for the first time. More or less, since Android has launched a few tweaks in recent years, its basic design has been the same.

But this update works from the ground up, beginning with navigation, on all Android Auto. The bottom bar of Android Auto and a home screen with media controls, notifications, etc. is no longer continuous. 

There is instead a bottom bar, which shifts on a context basis. On the left side of the display, there is a “home” button that will bring you to a different launcher for any Android Auto apps–including media, navigation, and calling.

If you have switched to a media app, the fresh bottom bar for Android Auto redesign can also exchange the media controls for navigational data. An assistant microphone and a fresh notification button are available at the correct side of the bar. Anyway.

A dark theme with colorful accents is one of the greatest improvements. A fresh launcher is available with recent up and all other apps in a grid below.

 A fresh navigation bar with the home button on the left-hand side also features the Android Auto revamp. Media controls, addresses or incoming call buttons follow, depending on the context.

For podcasts, next/former song controller can be exchanged for forwarding/ rewind while playing / pause is in the middle. You can jump in an app to browse media using a shortcut on the left. Turn by turn, the remaining distance and the name of the streets appear when navigating.

The navbar is completed with a voice command assistant microphone and a bell icon. Lastly, a Notification Center is opened which lists previous calls and messages. In the meantime, large alerts pop up with buttons from the top to act immediately.

Source: 9to5Google


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Android Auto is likely to have one of the biggest changes is a dark theme with colorful accents, Tech chums