Android is still the first choice of Huawei over its Hongmeng Operating System.

Since the time Huawei has been put in the Entity List of the US by Trump through the Department of Commerce, the difficulties in the path of the Company’s Smartphone production can be clearly seen through. 

Recently, Huawei is stepping down from the idea of preparing homegrown OS for its devices in replacement for Google’s Android. The restrictions placed on the company makes its business with Google impossible. To stand in the market, Huawei developed Hongmeng OS. Huawei SVP, Catherine Chen informed reporters in Brussels that Hongmeng is not meant to be applied to smartphones and they still plan to continue with Android as reported by Xinhua

Chen stated that the Hongmeng OS has been designed for industrial usage and was under development long before the current discussion on a potential alternative to Android grabbed heat. The Hongmeng contains much fewer codes in hundreds of thousands, compared to a smartphone operating system which includes dozens of millions of lines of codes. Therefore the operating system is not very secure. The Hongmeng operating system also has low latency.

The company’s Chairman Liang Hua said on Friday that Hongmeng was developed for IoT devices instead of smartphones that will reduce the latency and that Android is still the first choice. The panel has not decided whether they should give the Hongmeng an update for the operating system on smartphones, said Hua to Technode

VP Andrew Williamson had revealed a few weeks ago that they are developing a potential replacement for Android and it will be prepared to make a switch in a few months from then. The Operating System was being tested in China but varied perceptions behind the development of Hongmeng by the company officials provides room for doubt on the failure of the delivery of their intention in service. 

Huawei has a long way to go alone. The reasons for Huawei’s blacklisting from the US trade market stems from the suspicion of it serving as a surveillance institution on behalf of its home government, China. The US-China trade war has turned ugly on various multifaceted platforms where both the countries are on their best to demean the move made by the other and hence hamper businesses across the cross country establishment. Needless to mention but this war has had severe repercussions on the output of the global trading system.


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Android is still the first choice of Huawei over its Hongmeng Operating System., Tech chums