Android Q tweaks the ambient view by the latest UI Update.

Google has set in a few new minor updates for UI and Pixel stand in the Android Q beta 6 versions. These versions will simplify the version of the ambient environment. 

The updated Android Q Beta 6 now includes a newer version of the Google Camera app, it has also updated the Pixel Stand app from v1.1.1, that is currently available on the Play Store, to v1.3.1, as spotted by Justin Duino. At 9to5Google, the analysts were able to obtain pre-release copies of both of these updates from a leaked build of Android Q earlier this year.

When you now Place the Pixel 3 onto the Pixel Stand, it will enumerate a much simpler ambient UI that simply conveys the time, weather, charging status, and a small Assistant logo. Tapping on the new Assistant logo will open up the same colorful interface that the Pixel Stand has initially had.

While using the Pixel Stand ambient view, earlier, you were also being directed to “sizeable pill”  which would provide a suggestion for Assistant query or action, in a bright colorful UI. While gone, for now, The Apk team at the organization have tracked a similar UI app, currently called “Google Assistant Ambient Mode.”

“One thing we’re not yet sure of is if the Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode has anything to do with the Pixel Stand. Using the leaked version of the Pixel Stand app, we were able to see notifications from the Google app asking if we’d like to return to Ambient Mode. These Ambient Mode notifications did nothing at the time, and have since disappeared.”


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Android Q tweaks the ambient view by the latest UI Update., Tech chums