Android TV has received a warm welcome to Soundbars by Google.

The Android TV-powered JBL Link Bar was finally out for sale a few days ago. The release was not announced by either Google or Harman/JBL until yesterday. The Android TV has been made officially available on a soundbar.

The JBL link bar detects the sound with Google Assistant and controls the media and entertainment playing on your television. This is actually a soundbar that will help you set your timer, answer questions and turn the television on or off. Even the HDMI input can be switched using voice commands to enable the gaming console on an alternate wish to shift from TV into gaming. 

The soundbar will also improve the audio output quality of your entertainment media as well. Android TV will provide more range of entertainment options ranging from 500,000+ shows, movies, live sports, news and music that can be found across 5000+ apps and games. The ChromeCast built-in will allow you to instantly stream, cast and watch additional content or media from your device on the big screen to simulate the visual perception and interest. 

The Post on Google’s website essentially claims that “you’ve got the whole World in Android Tv’s hands”. The significance of the sentence is that the soundbar requires one HDMI cable to be connected from it to the TV and the simple setup will help you explore every dimension on premium sound quality, cable TV connections, Gaming console, and mobile phone content. The Home button will permit you to access your favorite content on the Screen just in the blink of an eye.

The JBL Link Bar has WiFi, Bluetooth 3HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI arc output with mics and privacy switch. It is all that you might have ever wished to enjoy seated on your comfortable couch. The company believes that consumers will have the same affection towards Android TV as they had towards its individual components like Google Assistant, Google Play and Chromecast. 

The device will serve as a central connection hub to all your devices and gaming consoles.  The Assistant installed will provide you information on anything you wish to know from the dates of historical events to the heights of celebrities or the traffic and weather on your way to the destination. If this whole packed set doesn’t allure you then what does? However, insights or reviews on the set has not yet properly arrived due to the delayed announcement which can be counted as a huge miss yet we can look forward to getting to know the new Android TV more closely.


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Android TV has received a warm welcome to Soundbars by Google., Tech chums