Apex Legends is working to find and adopt new anti cheating methods

Respawn Entertainment recently shared some data about what it has finally decided to do in Apex Legends to fight back the ever-rising issue of cheating. The new “Check-In,” posted to Reddit, but it shows some insights into the fact that what is done to check out individuals who are more interested in winning than actually playing the game.

According to Respawn, designers use machine learning to build behavioral models that can detect and auto-ban cheaters and enhance their capacity to detect and ban spam accounts before they are used. Two-factor permission on high-risk accounts in some areas will be needed and, of course, Respawn will continue to work on its capacity to detect future new cheats.

Respawn matches cheaters and spammers identified so that they are compelled to play in games against each other. Interestingly, Respawn is also looking at how individuals are teaming up for games, seemingly with an eye to catch individuals attempting to get through on the letter of the law rather than their spirit.

Respawn is currently working on AI that can detect and auto-ban cheaters, a system that can ban spam accounts before they are used, and a requirement in some areas for “high risk” customers for two-factor authentication. 

As said earlier, developers are also investigating how individuals are partying with cheaters. You are still not interested in playing relatively if you knowingly team up with a cheater.

This is unlikely to discourage some cheaters, particularly if they can discover methods to trick the AI and remain a step ahead otherwise. It’s also not as drastic as Blizzard’s choice when cheaters are engaged to shut down overwatch games. At least twice, the matchmaking could make less committed cheaters believe, and it is obvious that Respawn sees this as an ever-evolving fight.


Nina Young

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Apex Legends is working to find and adopt new anti cheating methods, Tech chums