Apple acquires for project Titan.

Apple buys the self-driving car startup hinting at the Project Titan’s respiration. The project was thought to have met its end when around 200 employees were turned out of Apple under the statement of restructuring efforts.

The company has acquired the startup along with hiring dozens of software, design and hardware engineers from it. This was quite evident since the employees started changing their job descriptions on LinkedIn. Five of them had initially shown having left and starting to work at Apple in the same month (June).  Four of them listed “special project” under their job description. These workers are either data, system or software engineers. was unique in its attempt of making kits to convert regular cars into autonomous ones and was looking for alluring deals to get its cars to work, though it’s not clear on how many of its partnerships, indeed, turned into reality. 

While Adrian Fine, director of communications and policy at, didn’t comment on this, A spokeswoman from Apple did confirm that Apple has purchased the company. The company was called at $200 million only two years ago. Mountain View-based converts any regular car to self-drive car. This is pure talent based that attracted Apple to stay interested till the end.

The listing of hiring for employees under the “autonomous” tag has increased by nine positions. 

Initially, it was heard that Apple will not work on developing an autodrive featured car except for a part of the car that will facilitate driving using software development. Recent Activity denotes that Apple is interested in “autonomous” cars in precision rather than a particular part of the car.

Last year an accident caused by a self-driven Uber vehicle with a pedestrian at Arizona has decreased the reliability quotient on this automatic technology. However, Apple has always ensured that it provides the best security and service to the consumer. We trust Apple in a technological revolution and do wish Project Titan all the best.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle


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Apple acquires for project Titan., Tech chums