Apple narrowly triumphs over Samsung in Sales for Q1 2019

Unless you have been living under a rock, you must already know that Samsung and Apple have been at war for a long time now. In the United States, their market share constantly fluctuates and with that, the #1 spot fluctuates too.

According to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) report, this time around it seems that Apple has managed to edge past Samsung for the first Quarter of 2019. This comes as a change this time around as for Q1 2018, it was Samsung who had the highest market share.

This time, with 36 percent of the market hold, Apple has passed Samsung who fell short at just 34 percent of the market share. Other players in the industry like LG and Motorola stood at 11 and 10 percent respectively. Samsung has always fluctuated within the range of 30-39 percent but even though Apple won this time they still fall behind their market share of 2016 and 2017.

Owing to their success this year was the iPhone XS, XS Max and especially XR which had enormous sales. The XR was a relatively cheaper iPhone while offering the same staggering performance of the much more premium XS.

Apple narrowly triumphs over Samsung in Sales for Q1 2019, Tech chums

Brand share of mobile phone activations (via CIRP) Source: AppleInsider

Another interesting trend to note from the  CIRP report is Motorola increasingly taking a bite off LG’s share in the market. This does not come as surprise as LG has failed to catch the attention of the audience with its similarly designed phones.

There was a time when LG stood up as the king of the hill but with the lack of innovation, the company has now been given a back seat.

Apple narrowly triumphs over Samsung in Sales for Q1 2019, Tech chums

Mobile operating system market share (via CIRP) Source: AppleInsider

One interesting thing to note from this report is that it only focuses on the United States’ market. Apple and Samsung, both being global companies have a tremendous market in other countries as well so this report is not to be taken as a representation of the global standings.

The CIRP report also noted that iOS now holds 34 percent of the market while Android holds a 64% share in terms of the Mobile Operating Systems.


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Apple narrowly triumphs over Samsung in Sales for Q1 2019, Tech chums