Apple offers clarity over the Parental Control Apps blockade.

New York Times recently reported that Apple had ordered several apps on their App store to be removed which focused on monitoring screen on time and parental controls. Phill Schiller, Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing at Apple had shared with MacRumors some insight as to what led to this move by the tech giant.

The clear answer to this, according to Apple, is privacy. Apparently, these apps use Mobile Device Management (MDM) technology which enables users to gain data regarding the screen-on-time and other parameters. Now, this technology is actually for enterprise users who wish to manage their company-owned devices.

According to Apple, using MDM at a consumer level increases privacy risks and is a threat to the security of users. Thus, Apple had asked the app developers to make the necessary changes or else their apps will automatically be removed within 30 days.

Those who didn’t bring in the necessary changes within the specified timeline were removed and those who didn’t weren’t. Several people thought that this behavior from Apple was highly uncompetitive and thus, Apple released a statement regarding the same.

The statement said that Apple had always been in favor of the third-party apps especially regarding managing the kids’ time on devices. However, competition is no factor here and it’s just a matter of security.

Some developers have also complained that they even asked Apple as to what exact changes are to be made. But the responses by Apple were not at all helpful and quite vague and generic.


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Apple offers clarity over the Parental Control Apps blockade., Tech chums