Apple Promises to provide Publishers with an improved News Plus Service.

How can subscribers enjoy a piece of news when they have no clear idea on what content is provided to them for free and what content demands $10 per month when there is just a small Premium icon that distinguishes them?

Yes, you understood it well, we are talking about Apple’s News Plus service. A digital platform provided to content publishers by Apple to release News and Premium content in exchange for digital revenue. But sadly, the numbers of subscribers were never enough for the publishers to recover their content expenses. 

There are hardly any users of News Plus who prefer to continue with the App for its content beyond the free subscription period. Apple promised a certain margin of profit to the publishers when News Plus made its debut earlier this March. But the tables turned unfavorable to both Apple and the content publishers. The number of premium subscribers is so less that Apple has not yet released the actual number in the public.

According to Business Insider, the revenue targeted has not even been within the reach of sight of the publishers. This huge inconvenience has triggered the reaction button at Apple and the developers are working on improving the app to meet the promised target. 

The News Plus experience has been incomplete for both the audience and the publishers. At this point in time, Apple needs to put in more relevant efforts to attract readers and engage them to the app. 

Besides making it easier for users to explore content, Apple needs to make it equally easier for Magazines and newspapers to convert digital data into an explorable format to be read through News Plus.

Apple has been competing with the media establishment, quite consistently, to take over a large market share. The breaking up of iTunes into 3 different apps as Music, TV, and Podcast was heavier evidence of this intention. Apple’s News Plus was foreseen to be a  revolution in the field of media house and publishing markets. Apple is also going to release Arcade, a bundle of mobile game subscription. This split and further inventions point to an undeniable argument that Apple is trying to counter the lower sales of mobile and other devices. 

To be able to win a large share in the market of media and entertainment, Apple has a long way to go. For ensuring success, Apple has to first make sure that it listens to the needs of Customers and keep their interest in the view while developing apps further.


Nina Young

Nina is a tech enthusiast, a programmer, and a Chess player who lives in New Jersey. She deeply believes that technology now has the capability to shape the future of people if used in the right direction.

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Apple Promises to provide Publishers with an improved News Plus Service., Tech chums