Apple to offer MacBook Keyboard replacement

With numerous complaints from consumers and high profile reviewers alike, Apple has now finally come out and made the best bargain. Apple will be now replacing all the butterfly switch keyboard for free starting from the 2015 MacBook model.

Users have complained about the keyboard for it being too mushy and also prone to a lot of errors as there were a plethora of duplicate letters with sometimes no output at all.

Apple has said that it has upgraded the material used in the switches and thus providing an error-free experience to users. Apple has, however, declined to comment about the materials. Also, the repairs will be faster than before.

Apple has begun rolling out these switches as early as in 2015 which was an effort to make the entire laptop thinner, lighter and sleeker. The users who complained told that it usually took a week or more to fix just a key. The out-of-warranty fix is almost $700.

Over 3 class lawsuits were filed against Apple for using these butterfly switches. A year ago, it is reportedly stated that Apple would be actually offering replacements in some particular cases. The program went on from 2015-2017.

This keyboard was in fact supposed to solve the problems of the previous keyboard but still, the facts are such that it is just getting worse. Also, the problem is very isolated and only with some people thus you guys will be fine.


Nina Young

Nina is a tech enthusiast, a programmer, and a Chess player who lives in New Jersey. She deeply believes that technology now has the capability to shape the future of people if used in the right direction.

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Apple to offer MacBook Keyboard replacement, Tech chums