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Apple’s Beats announced Chris Thorne it’s Chief Marketing Officer.

, Apple’s Beats announced Chris Thorne it’s Chief Marketing Officer., Tech chums
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Chris Thorne has been announced the Chief Marketing Officer of Apple-owned headphones company, Beats. Thorne holds experience with EA, The Honest and Forward prior to joining at Beats.

The position was vacant for about 4 months, after the company’s former CMO, Omar Johnson left the company post 2 years of Apple owning it up. Global top marketer, Jason White, who was the most probable candidate for this responsibility, joined a cannabis company in Poland in January leaving his post at Beats. After the departure of the two major members, there was a vacancy and finally, Chris Thorne was honored with the position.

Thorne’s executive career began with the position of President at CSMG sports, one of the world’s largest sports organization. He also worked as Global Vice President of Marketing, Media and Mobile for 5 years at Electronic Arts and then went on to serve Jessica Alba’s The Honest company as The Chief Marketing Officer for 2years. Thorne was the leading Growth Officer at Forward, a firm that connected medical professionals to the best medical technologies to provide patients with advanced treatment, since the year 2017.

His vast experience in marketing has been the chief factor that decided his fortune at Beats. He has developed great marketing models and amplified the expectation with performance delivery on time. Beats is a performance-based company and Thorne seemed to fit the post better than anyone.

Thorne, who reports to Beats president Luke Wood, oversees global marketing efforts including developing integrated marketing campaigns across all channels and promoting the Beats brand through pop-cultural experiences.

Beats President Luke Wood announced Chris Thorne to be taking up the CMO responsibility immediately and looked forward to his industry-defining vision, commitment to product quality and passion for creativity. Thorne was appreciated for his achievements over the last 11 years and was welcomed to his new position of responsibility.

Thorne expressed his enthusiasm for joining the culturally diverse and rich company. He wishes to put his best foot forward.

“Beats not only sits at the cross-cultural intersection of music, technology, and sports, but it has defined the niche as a category in such a short time. The brand continues to dominate cultural conversation, and I’m excited to join the team and contribute to its success.”

Chris Thorne

Beats was founded by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine in 2006 and Apple owned it in the year 2014. Brushing the past aside, Beats is all ready to ship Powerbeat Pro headphones set to the market this year.

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