Third Party Store “Aptoide” Leaked Details of 20 Million Users

Hackers are claiming to possess the date of 39 Million Aptoide Users.

20 Million data has leaked

The twist is that Aptoide is claiming that 97% of users are using Aptoide without any sign-up.

Do you favor third party stores to access the additional app features for free? Did u ever ditch the Google Play Store? Here is an alert for you. Aptoide is the third party store and now the victim of data loss of 20 Million users! A hacker forum has uploaded the details of 20 Million users of the Aptoide app store. The leaked data is of those users who have registered themselves for Aptoide between 21 July 2016 to 28 January 2018.

The hacker is also claiming that he/she is in possession of another 19 million records that are to be published in the future. As this hack is claimed to have happened at the beginning of this month, the next batch may concern user registration from 2018 to till now.

The first batch of the hacked content contains the names, usernames, email Ids, hashed passwords, data registration, registration date, device information, sign-up IP address, and date of birth. Apart from this information, the hacker boasts the personal identification information including account status, account type and much more.

In the response of the leaked token, Aptoide responded that their 97% users never signed up so data is not under threat. And 32 Million users signed up with their Gmail and Facebook accounts and their passwords were not stored in the database.

The third-party service claims that it has 150 Million users that mean several Million users have become the victim. Approx 8.8 Million users have signed up with their email address and the database contained the credentials. They added that the passwords were encrypted.

This is an important alert for those who use third party stores for saving a few bucks. I think this happening will teach them and they will hesitate to navigate to third-party sources.

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Third Party Store “Aptoide” Leaked Details of 20 Million Users, Tech chums