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Azure Services are mostly Linux-based than on Windows, Microsoft Developer uncovers! 

, Azure Services are mostly Linux-based than on Windows, Microsoft Developer uncovers! , Tech chums

Do you remember Steve Ballmer, the former Microsoft CEO, calling Linux “cancer” in 2001? Oh, he loves Linux these days! 

That was no mere statement, though. In a report by ZDNet, a few speculations and notes have been listed down to prove that Lithe nux has actually taken over the Windows.

Linux runs enterprise computing, primarily in addition to cloud services. Since 2017, Linux has acquired 68% of Market share in computing cloud confirmed in IDC Worldwide Operating Systems and Subsystems Market Shares Report.

In 2016, Mark Russinovich, Azure CTO, Microsoft cloud estimated that one-fourth of Azure instances are associated with Linux. This was confirmed in 2017 when Microsoft released and announced that 40% of Azure Virtual Machines were based on Linux. These numbers increased towards the end of 2018 when Scott Guthrie, executive VP at Microsoft declared that half of Azure Virtual Machines were Associated with Linux. 

The report was brought into light when Sasha Levin, Microsoft Linux kernel developer uncovered the fact that Linux usage on Microsoft cloud has surpassed Windows and emphasized on the point that Microsoft should get permission to join a Linux Security List.

Today, Linux usage on Microsoft Cloud has surpassed that of Windows as a watermark of being only a matter of time!  Linux has been witnessed to be going up in shares, popularity and preference lists, each and every month. It is not the Azure customers who are opting for Linux but there is much Azure Software Defined Network that operates on Linux itself, says Guthrie. The surpassing of Linux over Windows stems from the fact that most of the Native Azure Services are running on Linux as per Microsoft’s built-up designs.

In reply to why Microsoft and many companies are switching to Open-source software like Linux? Guthrie said that 10 years back when they open sourced ASP NET, they realized that this open source can be beneficial to the developers. It’s not nice or essential or just codes but is a community and recently Microsoft is the largest open source project supporter in the world. 

Can you gauge the Linux-popularity that has confirmed around eight Linux distros on Azure? Microsoft President Brad Smith has declared the Azure Sphere as a “custom Linux kernel”.

Linux has made its own vast territory worldwide and has acquired heads at the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington.



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