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How to Become Popular on TikTok: 6 ways to Gain Fame on TikTok

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If you are crazy about TikTok videos, I am sure you want to become popular on TikTok. When you make a video and post it on the platform what do you expect? a lot of Likes and Comments! Right? How do you get more likes and comments? How do you gain popularity? To know the answers to all these questions, read the article below.

TikTok is a social media platform where you can interact with people by showing your talent. TikTok is the most downloaded app in 2019 with over billions of downloads. The platform is used by a lot of people worldwide with great enthusiasm. Irrespective of the age, if you have the talent to make videos whether you are a kid, youngster or an adult you can use TikTok to make videos. Interact with the world by showing your caliber!

TikTok Features

Till last year, TikTok is not as popular as Facebook and Instagram but if I now look at stats everyone knows what is TikTok. I personally like to use TikTok as it helps us to become better each day with our hidden skills. TikTok app is also available for Android and iOS platforms. The app lets you create Short video clips and share them with your friends and family.

The below shared amazing TikTok features make the platform-independent and worth using.

  1. An infinite number of videos and talent to watch.
  2. Enhance Knowledge: Learn from the platform, learn how to mimic, how to make original videos, how to make a comedy, and emotional videos and much more.
  3. The user personalization feature provides you recommendations of the videos of your choice.
  4. Show your caliber to the world absolutely free.
  5. Background music can be added to make videos more attractive without any cost.
  6. Add various stickers to videos to have more fun.
  7. Use face filters to look beautiful.
  8. Use Editing tools to cut, merge and duplicate video clips.

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How to become popular on TikTok? Some amazing Tips

Becoming Popular on TikTok is not rocket science, only you have to be more alert and remember some important points while making a video. If you do not know how to make videos, you can start by watching videos over the platform slowly and gradually you will get to know how to make videos.

You only need a smartphone with the TikTok app in it, Attractive expressions and a creative mind to make astounding videos. Let us discuss some important tips and tricks to get more likes and comments and to get Fame.

1) Look Attractive

A beautiful personality always attracts people irrespective of your skin color. If you are looking good and having a hot personality, people will surely tend to watch your videos. Attractive doesn’t mean white skin but it relates to good personality.

Having good expression is the key to get fame. If you are an expert in making expressions, sad, crying, laugh, smiling, angry all of a sudden you can do anything.

So here the TIP is Good expressions and Great personality.

2) Be consistent

Consistency is very important whether it be studying in exams or writing content on a website. Consistency is key to success in each and every field and here too. Be regular and post videos everyday or make a pattern that you will post a video every two days or every three days and convey this to users. So that users search for a video on that particular day only.

The main aim here is to be regular and the user must find content if searches for. This is the most known way to Become Popular on TikTok.

3) Collaborate with other famous users

This is the easiest way to Become Popular on TikTok and this works on the principle of “mutual benefit”. Follow a TikTok use who is having a great fan following. Then suppose if you have 10k followers and the famous personality has 50 k followers then you both get to benefit from this and become famous.

The tip here is to follow the other popular users.

4) Participate in challenges

Participating in challenges and winning not only increases your self-esteem but also helps you to get popularity. The winner videos get viral everywhere and get a chance to be famous around the world. So, it is very necessary to take part in daily, weekly or monthly challenges.

5) Add tags to your videos

To find anything on social media, we need Tags. #abc, #xyz, #pqr and much more.

When you search for a particular tag, you will get all the content related to that tag. So, ad tags to your vides, different tags help to reach more volume of people. But! Never use the wrong tags. If someone will see your video under the incorrect tag, then it will leave a negative impact on your image.

Tage flair your post and people find you easily.

6) Make a positive content

Always try to post positive content. negative or bad content may give you fame instantly but slowly your image gets destroyed completely. Do not bring political issues in your videos in a funny way.

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Final Words

So TikTok lovers how do you find the article? Is it helpful?

There are a lot more tips and tricks to become popular on TikTok like Follow the lyrics properly, be real in videos, Do not copy the content, use other platforms to share the video like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

You can use all the features you can use to make the video more appealing and attractive. If I talk about a niche, then according to my perspective Fun based videos are mostly liked by people as it gives people more and more laughter. Though Some people like emotional and creative videos as well.

I hope you would like the article. Share your feedback. Thank you!!

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