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Top 7 Best Kodi Addons: Stream Online Content Without Buffering

Best Kodi addons,Best kodi addons 2020, Top 7 Best Kodi Addons: Stream Online Content Without Buffering, Tech chums

Hey friends, Do you use KODI? Are you searching for Best Kodi addons?  If Yes! You are lucky to read this article. Online streaming is the most trending thing going on the internet. Suppose if you go online to Google, and search for free streaming websites, you will find a lot of options there. Isn’t it? Some of them are amazing, some are just pretty good and some are average options. KODI is one of them!

Today in this article I am going to discuss the top 7 best Kodi addons that will provide you astounding content to watch. But before entering into actual discuss Best Kodi addons, I am going to share some basics about Kodi that will be helpful for even beginners.

What is KODI?

Kodi is an open-source media platform that allows you to watch anything ranging from movies to shows to sports. It is the best platform to stream media content. As it is open Source, anyone can contribute to the platform.

Kodi is available for many devices or you can say almost all devices, named, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Raspberry Pi, and Amazon Fire Stick. Before Kodi was known as XMBC. In August 2014, long after splitting support for the original Xbox onto its own software fork, XBMC was rebranded as Kodi.

Is Kodi Legal?

Kodi is 100% Legal open-source software. The Base application that is Kodi is always legal but if you stream content any copyrighted content, then its obviously legal. The original Kodi does not contain any content. You have to give your own content from a local or remote storage location, DVD, Blu-Ray or any other media carrier that you own. It permits you to install third-party plugins. Those plugins will allow you to access the original content then.

What does KODI provide to you?

KODI is not a platform for a single niche, but it provides you a collection of things mentioned below.

Best Kodi addons,Best kodi addons 2020, Top 7 Best Kodi Addons: Stream Online Content Without Buffering, Tech chums

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Music addon-  If you want music, install Kodi addons for music. The music files are available in many formats including mp3, FLAC, Wav and WMA. Movies add-ons support all the main video formats along with streaming apps data. Skins addons allow you to Transform the whole Appearance of the interface. Undoubtedly, you will find here everything about your taste. Programs and Services provide helpful tools while Web interfaces are for controlling Kodi remotely. AND MUCH MORE…


Kodi Add-ons are very well arranged on the website that you can easily browse and search your favorite Add-on. featured Add-ons, Recent Updates, new additions are clearly mentioned so that you can also have an idea that which Add-on is the newest and which one is recently updated.

So starting the list of add-ons, let us discuss each Best Kodi add-ons.

1) Metadata Editor

This Kodi add-on is not to watch any entertainment over the platform. It acts as a Helper script to update basic metadata information of library items with support to automatically update the .nfo file of movies, TV shows, episodes and music videos.

  • Version: 1.1.1
  • Download: 88
  • Size: 332.69 KB
  • Release Date: Dec1, 2019

2) Twitch

Wanna see movies? Download the Plugin and enjoy your favorite movies here. Watch your favorite gaming streams.

  • Version: 2.4.9
  • Download: 5,866
  • Size: 146.25 KB
  • Release Date: Feb 26, 2020


Crackle is a very popular online streaming site that allows you to watch  Original web shows, Hollywood movies, and TV shows. It is Founded in the early 2000s as Grouper and rebranded in 2007, Crackle is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment. This is one of the Best Kodi addons.

  • Version: 2019.10.2
  • Download: 21,166
  • Size: 186.36 KB
  • Release Date: Oct 5, 2019


MAME front-end for Kodi that supports both MAME machines and Software Lists. For help look at the Advanced MAME Launcher thread in the Kodi forum.

  • Version: 0.9.12
  • Download: 280
  • Size: 23.1 MB
  • Release Date: Feb 19, 2020


Plex comes under the category or Script and video-addons. It’s a very decent interface that has the ability to handle a large number of files. Moreover, it is a complete entertainment package.

  • Version: 0.1.6
  • Download: 63,058
  • Size: 3.03 MB
  • Release Date: May 12, 2018


HDHomeRun automatically finds all the compatible HDHomeRun devices on your network It also handles available channels, and starts showing TV.

  • Version: 2019.9.15
  • Download: 6,052
  • Size: 1.04 MB
  • Release Date: Oct 17, 2019


TVmaze is a free user-driven database that is made by TV lovers all over the world. You can watch your favorite shows from anywhere.

  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Download: 306
  • Size: 206.04 KB
  • Release Date: Nov 29, 2019

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Before you Go…

Before you finish reading this article and take some decisions, I would like to tell you that there are a lot of Kodi add-ons available on the website. Simply go to the website and Browse more and more from there. The more your brows, the better you will find.

I have shared the Best Kodi addons because all the add-ons are not in a working state and this may be very time consuming to check each add-on. If you are super busy, go through the add-ons shared in the article, install them and enjoy watching your favorites.

I hope you would like the article. Share your feedback. Thank you!