15 Best Minecraft Mods to Use in 2020

Want to upgrade your Minecraft experience? If, yes then you need Minecraft mods but it is pretty tough to choose the appropriate Minecraft mod as the internet is flooded with thousands of Minecraft mods. To end up your confusion I am here with the best Minecraft mods to enjoy the Minecraft fullest.

Since the release date, Minecraft got a huge love of players from around the world because of its complex crafting mechanism and addictive gameplay. As Minecraft is a hugely popular game, there are various mods also exist to have an edge over the actual features. Here we gathered all the latest and best Minecraft mods for you so without any ado let’s check out our list of top Minecraft mods.

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15 Best Minecraft Mods 2020 For Crazy Minecraft Players

Minecraft mods are user-generated and the sole motive behind their creation is to change specific features to enhance the overall gaming experience. Here we picked the best ones for you so start reading to explore the list of top Minecraft mods:

1. Journey Map

Before reaching different destinations you must have a fair idea of waypoints and our next map is going to help you to determine where would you reach and how. This mod will assist the players to decide whether they should travel to a specific destination or not. Even this mod will notify you when someone is following you secretively. Isn’t awesome?

2.Not Enough Items

Not Enough Items aka NEI will assist you to assume the number of blocks needed to create something. This means it will give you have a fair idea of how many blocks and other ingredients are required to create an item in Minecraft so you can call it one of the top Minecraft mods among all.

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3. Inventory Tweaks

One of the most important and best Minecraft mods that every player mush owns is Inventory Tweaks with which you can manage your inventory with one click. You can replace all the broken tools with just a click with this mod. If you are too busy in mining then this mod will help you to keep a track on your chests.


Botania adds magical flowers in your inventory that serve different purposes like you can feed animals, help to heal you, create an awesome portal, etc. Means this Minecraft mod is for them who want to get an extraordinary gaming experience and if you are one of them then give it a try once.

5. Rope Bridge

Feeling annoyed while climbing up and down between mountains? If, yes then you are going to be a fan of this mod as it will help you to create bridges between to link the two destinations to save your efforts. So lazy people be ready to walk on a rope bridge with this exciting Minecraft mod.


Our next mod that worth mentioning in the list of best Minecraft mods 2020 is Fastcraft that is a boon for those who are running Minecraft on a low-end device. This mod will boost up your Minecraft experience even on outdated machinery and also help you to install other mods.

7.Chisel 2

Undoubtedly Minecraft is one of the best games over the internet with crafting aspects and if you love the construction system of Minecraft then this mod is going to double your construction experience. To upgrade your crafting experience Chisel 2 comes with extra blocks including Ball O’Moss and Cloud in the Battle.

8. LotsOMobs

Want to make your biomes more naturalistic? You need extra mobs and our next mod going to add 25 new mobs such as fish, mammoths, lions and many more. Each mob comes with specific drops to create interesting recipes and to enhance your Minecraft world.

9. Animal Bikes

Animal Bikes does a pretty good job to add fun to your gaming experience. With this mod, you can create any animal of your choice and roam around the map like a bike. You can also craft saddle with this mod to travel across the huge map of Minecraft.

10.Biomes O’Plenty

If you have bored with your usual Minecraft world then Biomes O’Plenty is one of the best Minecraft mods to add biomes to upgrade your Minecraft world. This mod adds 80+ biomes, foods, colors, texture, and blocks to your game. However, you have to create a  new Minecraft world to choose this mod.


Are you a nature lover? If, yes then you are looking for extra greenery in your Minecraft world and Natura will fulfill this requirement. This mod permits you to add new trees of different colors and textures to make your castle eye-catching and addictive too. With extra crops, you can produce food and other resources for early survival so for beginners it is one of the best Minecraft mods.


Controlling mod is to make interface easy means this mod functions best with other Minecraft mods to make controls easy.


Looking to furnish your castle with cool items? Then this one will add various decor items like chairs, tables, lamps, torches, kitchen sinks and many more to make your home eye-catching. Give it a try to make your premises more livable.

14. Carpenter’s Blocks

Sometimes you need different shapes blocks to create different items and with the same old blocks you can’t construct whatever you want. No worries folks, this mod will bring fun to your block creation as it will allow you to create some picturesque blocks whenever you need. In fact, this mod is one of the best Minecraft mods for those who want to create customized blocks.

15. Bacteria Mod

To add bacteria in your Minecraft world this mod assists you. Bacteria comes with both adverse and favorable aspects and it all depends on you how you utilize them to upgrade your Minecraft era.

How to install Minecraft mods?

Finally, you came across the top Minecraft mods 2020 to make specific modifications to enhance the gaming experience and here is the step by step process to install them:

  • Your initial move to install Minecraft mods is to download and install Minecraft.Forge.
  • Then explore the internet and find the trusted source to download Minecraft mods.
  • After ensuring the authenticity of the site download the Minecraft mod.
  • Finally, you have a zip file on your system extract it.
  • The mod file will have .jar extension, pick the file, and press Ctrl+C.
  • Next launch Minecraft.
  • Move to the mods folder.
  • Press Ctrl+V to paste the copied file here.
  • You have done so open up Minecraft as usual and enjoy the tweaks.

Note: Minecraft mods are compatible only with PC and you can’t enjoy them on Minecraft PE. So try to play on your computer to enjoy the special modifications of Minecraft mods.

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Folks, I hope you are happy to read our list of best Minecraft mods 2020 and believe me all the mods listed here would elevate your gaming experience.

If you have tried any other mods that I didn’t discuss here then let us know below in the comment box.

Don’t forget to share your experience after using these mods.

Thank you for reading thoroughly!


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