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Best of Amazon Twitch Prime Day 2019 deals.

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When is Amazon Prime Day 2019?

Amazon Prime Day is a 2-days long event that is going to dawn upon us at 12 am PST on 15th of July and will wind up by 12 am PST on 17th July. This 48 hours of the event will be about the best deals from kitchenware to the latest smart devices, shows and a lot more for Prime customers across the World.

The Prime day also has a lot more service provision in the box than it appears to the surface. The deeper we dig, the better services and sales we get. Amazon has not limited itself in the Shopping arena only. It has provided a wide range of entertainment platforms which includes but is not limited to Amazon Music, Prime Videos, Twitch Prime and Kindle Unlimited. 

What is Twitch Prime?

While we are already talking about the services and deals, don’t you feel like missing out on an important Prime provision? 

Yes, we are talking about Twitch Prime – world’s leading social video streaming platform and community for gamers. The prime members have access to Twitch Prime which is included as one of the perks amongst many other facilities. When Amazon is going to roll out the best deals for shopping enthusiasts there is also some deal nuts for Twitch Prime members to munch on.

Twitch Prime is free with a Prime membership and comes with many other benefits, such as:

  • A Prime-exclusive chat badge
  • Free two-hour delivery
  • A free channel subscription
  • Pre-order price guarantee
  • Member access to select games an in-game loot for free
  • New free games every month
  • Release date delivery

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Now, When is Amazon Twitch Prime Day 2019?

The deals in celebration of Prime day on Twitch Prime will, however, come up earlier than the Prime day itself. It will span from 11th of July to the 13th of July while there will be some exclusive deals reserved for the Prime days, that is the 15th -16th July.

Have a look at the upcoming treasure for gamers:


A special sale during the streaming will inform the viewers on the best Prime Day deals, handpicked by Twitch, ranging from kitchenware to gaming peripherals to amazing devices. Live shopping shows will be hosted especially for the gaming community. Twitch Sells Out will happen in two twelve-hour broadcasts — one on July 15 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. PT, the second on July 16 at the same time. You can pre-order the deals during the streaming. But you need to hurry up else they will run out of stock really soon.

 Twitch Prime Crown cup Event 

The event will take place in London and Las Vegas on the 13th of July at 10 am PT. Prime members, celebrities and popular game streamers will gather to make the event more than just lights. The event will span for eight hours featuring Apex Legends and other EA Sports games. You can tune into the trial session on July 11-12 at 6 p.m. PT.

 Apex Legends

A special Apex Legend Care package will be made available to the prime customers which will include four in-game content drops over a three-month period.   Some exclusive Sweet Dreams Wattson skin and the Stellar Stallion skin for the brand new weapon, L- Star can be claimed on the Prime days.

 Fifa 19

Twitch Prime will offer the  Prime members with two exclusive content drops for the next two months in FIFA Ultimate Team. Prime members can work and create the FUTTIES Ultimate Team program with a Twitch Prime Pack that ensures the provision of one 86 OVR or better player- plus- three rare gold player items.

This makes it clear that Amazon services are all-inclusive in Prime Day. Premium content, as well as deals, will roll out on every platform. It will be a great season for a variety of shopping that will cater to your heart’s desire. If you have been longing for any huge change in the retail price, a huge drop specifically, then this is your season to own all you wish to. The Twitch Gaming community has over 10 million Prime subscribers which make a nice part of the total Prime niche. 

 Amazon Prime Day is apparently a huge celebration of dealership and membership; of Amazon and customers and of sale and opportunists. The competitions on the part of other online retailers and social gaming communities are going to face a huge challenge in the steam that will follow Prime Day.

Anyways it is interesting that Amazon has successfully set up a huge celebration of Prime membership unlike the majority of online sellers who mostly do not provide their Premium customers with any at-par special treatment. 

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