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Best Prime Sale Day Smart Home deals: Echo Dot, Google Home Mini, Lenovo Smart Watch for over $25 off.

Few more days to go for the Amazon Big sale season, The Amazon Prime Day celebration, which commences on 15th of July at 12.00 am PT and lasts for 48 hours in a single Go and the offers have started to take a seat on the Shopping Platform.

The best part of such a big season sale is that you may think a little bigger and better for months to come without the heavy burden on your spending capacity. If you are already thinking bigger, why not think smarter? If you plan on starting with a Smart Home or maybe expand it, this year’s prime day will be the best opportunity for you. The Prime day brings a huge discount on smart home and connected gadgets even before the day begins. As listed by CNet, Let’s explore them below.

 Amazon Echo Dot (3rd gen)

It is one of the most favorite smart speakers of 3rd generation versatility and better sound quality. The actual amount is $50 which is anyways a great purchase but the steal deal of Amazon offers it at $25 with a 50% off which is absolutely mindblowing. 

 Amazon Echo (2nd gen)

Let Alexa control your smart home and respond to your questions or requests because instead of the actual $70 price point, you are getting $30 off on the speaker, making it a steal deal at $50! It is insane as a price drop and doesn’t make sense if you don’t own it now.

Google Home mini

Not just Amazon’s home products but even Google is providing a huge price drop on smart home appliances. An alternative to Echo dot, Google Home mini is a small and affordable package that will center around Google Assistant in place of Alexa. The price offered is $25 with a savings of $24. This deal is also available on Best Buy and Walmart since it is an inclusive Google deal.

Ring video doorbell pro

The smart doorbell works with Alexa to help you know who is waiting at your door. You can even ask the delivery boy to leave your package with your Amazon Echo Show 5. The outstanding discount of $80 will avail on check out making the deal for $170. This will be available to Prime customers only. 

Google Nest Hub

Not the lowest price ever yet the deal is pretty decent with a saving of $70. You can own this smart speaker with touchscreen for visuals at $79 this prime day.

Google Home

The built-in Google assistant is a strong competitor to Amazon Echo. The smart features and high-quality sound output is a great combination of smart home solutions. You can get the best deal at $69 with savings of $60 on Google home.

Google Home Max

Though there are high chances of the price dropping again still it is presently available for $249 with $150 off which is a fairly healthy deal. The Maximum price drop made the device available for $212 so waiting a little longer will not do any harm. This Google premium smart speaker requires an assistant as the remaining ones but provides great music. 

Lenovo Smart clock. 

If this expensive smart clock ever made you feel bothered for its $80 price, then it is your time to add it to your wishlist for $60. With a saving of $20, you will not be exploited for the piece.


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Best Prime Sale Day Smart Home deals: Echo Dot, Google Home Mini, Lenovo Smart Watch for over $25 off., Tech chums