7 Best Roblox Games to Try in 2020 (Must Play Roblox Games)

Are you looking for the best Roblox Games to Try in 2020? I am here once again with Roblox. If you play Roblox you very well understand what the platform is. Roblox allows us to create our own games and it has tons of different games made by developers.

Gaming is the best way to relax. Isn’t it? You just need a system and an intenet connection to play games. Lying down on your couch playing your favorite games gives you an immensely different experience. Especially when the world is isolated, playing online games with friends and family is the best way to connect and have fun with. Today I am going to share the list of Best Roblox Games to try in 2020.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a huge platform with a large fan base, has over 100 million monthly active users in 200 countries. Users here love to play all genres of game and hence, all genres of games are available too. Users here develop games to earn real money if the game gets successful.

The game was first released in 2006 and since then it has millions of active users every month. Why so? Roblox is not only a place to play but to learn, earn and grow as well. Roblox has an abundant amount of different games that users can play on. Roblox is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Xbox One, and the game is free on all platforms. Kids age 13 or up can play the games here. Scroll down to read more!

How to make an account on Roblox?

  1. Go to Roblox Official website.
  2. Enter all relevant details there like birthday, name, password and gender.
  3. Click on the “Sign up button” below.

Your account will be created now, you can enjoy playing and developing new games.

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How to recover the account?

Suppose you have forgotten the password, now what? Did you add any email id to reset the password or recover the account? NO! Right?

It is very necessary to manually add your email ID by going into the settings tab.

  1. Go to the link.
  2. Now click on “Account Info” from the menu on the left.
  3.  Add Email there.
  4. Enter your email address and account password.
  5. Go to your inbox and verify your email address.
  6. Once you verify your email address, your password will be reset.
  7. Enjoy playing games!

Best Roblox Games to Try in 2020

Hey friends, then wait is finally over and below is the list of 7 best Roblox games. Go through the list and understand what each game is about.

1) Theme Park Tycoon 2

Do you love adventurous parks? Do you love high rides? So you entered into right section.

In theme park tycoon 2, you get a plot of land and build your own theme park on it. Design a clear passage, Roller coaster rides and everything that brings real fun! Decorate your park from 100’s of sceneries.

The game is very popular among players with 17,374 playings.

  • Favorites- 3,112,538
  • Visits- 341.9M+
  • Created- 1/2/2012
  • Updated- 3/26/2020
  • Max Players- 6
  • Genre- Building

2) Jailbreak

It is a very popular award-winning game played on Roblox. in this you can either do the crime or stop crime. The choice is purely yours which role do you want to take. The game is played over 3 billion times. So, connect with your friends and play jailbreak. It is one of the Best Roblox games that must be played in 2020.

  • Playing- 86,970
  • Favorites- 13,566,689
  • Visits- 3.5B+
  • Created- 1/6/2017
  • Updated- 3/28/2020
  • Max Players -26
  • Genre- Town and City

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3) Ghost Simulator

Ghost all around! Stop ghosts now!

If you love thriller, and hunt then ghost simulator is best for you.

  • Playing- 9,461
  • Favorites- 491,932
  • Visits- 60.7M+
  • Created- 12/27/2018
  • Updated- 3/27/2020
  • Max Players- 12
  • Genre- All Genres

4) Haunted hunters

Do you want to play as a hunter? or Do you want to play as a ghost? Choose any one of your choices and enjoy playing this haunted game with your friends. Be a ghost and stop the hunters or Be a hunter and squad up o the ghost.

  • Playing- 151
  • Favorites- 180,042
  • Visits- 14.0M+
  • Created -10/2/2018
  • Updated -6/23/2019
  • Max Players- 9
  • Genre- All Genres

5) Phantom Forces

Phantom Forces is a real fighting game in which you have to follow proper maps with your friends to catch the culprit.

  • Playing -13,306
  • Favorites –3,751,003
  • Visits -836.5M+
  • Created -8/31/2015
  • Updated -3/28/2020
  • Max Players -32
  • Genre- FPS

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6) Ninja Legends

In this game, you play as a skilled ninja, wielding deadly weapons and using your mighty ninja powers to defeat your opponents. It is one of the Best Roblox games that you must try.

  • Playing- 17,505
  • Favorites- 1,888,966
  • Visits -801.2M+
  • Created -9/22/2019
  • Updated -3/14/2020
  • Max Players -20
  • Genre- Fighting

7) Work at Pizza place

Do you love pizza? Do you love to eat pizza or making pizza?

Consider yourself as a worker in Pizza place, This game is all about to complete pizza orders for the customers on time. So, this is an easy game, no violence and clean. It is among the best Roblox games to play in 2020.

  • Playing- 58,199
  • Favorites- 7,728,103
  • Visits – 2.2B+
  • Created- 3/28/2008
  • Updated – 3/13/2020
  • Max Players-12
  • Genre- Town and City

Final Words

hey Roblox players, so how do you find the article? Have you ever played the games I have shared here? If yes, then you can try other games and mention in comments the names of good games to try. If no, then you must try these Best Roblox games to play in 2020.

I hope you would like the article. Share your feedback. Thank you!!


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