10+ Best Snapchat Story Games to Play in 2020

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Hey Snappians !! Tired of all Story games you have played?? Looking for something new??

Then Stop here now, Keeping in mind your needs we have intended this post and bring the most exciting and best Snapchat Story Games for you that you can play with your friends.

Snapchat stories are an impressive way to get to know each others’ perspectives, likes, dislikes, and much more.

Snapchat is the most happening social networking app in the current time. There are so many fun things you can do on the app. Snapchat Story Games are one of those amazing things. You can play these games with other Snapchatters, especially your friends or boo, over Snapchat Stories. If you are interested in knowing about playing them, this post is specifically penned for you.

Snap Games has also unveiled a new gameplay format, Leaderboard Games, that allows users to challenge their friends to lighthearted competitions all while playing on their own time. Leaderboard Games are casual, easy-to-play games.

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Keep scrolling to know about them!!

10+ Best Snapchat Story Games to Play in 2020

#1 Bitmoji Tennis

Bitmoji Tennis is a fun sports-themed game. Heck, even if you don’t like sports games, it’s fun. It’s challenging enough to hold your attention and it’s oddly satisfying to play.

Moving your character takes a bit of coordination, and you’ll need to get the hang of the targeted aim while tilting your phone.

#2 I May Seem, but I’m Actually

It is a fun Snapchat story game to know your friends better. In this game, you have to post a story and your friends will reply to it by choosing from the given options. In this manner, you both would get to know each other in a detailed way.

#3 Find My Friends

This game offers a leaderboard, so you can see your friends’ scores and try to compete for the best spot. Sometimes it’s easy as pie to find the Bitmoji you’re looking for, but other times the Bitmojis are all flying around, getting obstructed with a spinner, and a lot more difficult to locate.

#4 My Crush

It is a fun story game and one of the best Snapchat story games that helps you to know about the choices of your friends. You have to post the picture on your Snapchat story and the viewers will have to reply after choosing suitable options.

#5 Phone Tour

Phone Tour is one of the best Snapchat story games. In this game, you have to post the story including a variety of tasks, and whoever sees it will have to complete all the tasks mentioned in it. This game can be very interesting if played with the right person.

#6 Color Galaxy

Color Galaxy is a highly competitive multiplayer game that lets players travel across planets and invade unknown lands. Snapchatters can easily spot their friends driving around. Get friends together and keep moving to conquer space!

#7 Slide The Shakes

In Slide the Shakes, players serve milkshakes to friends by sliding them along the counter. But they need to navigate moving platforms, slippery ice, and giant swinging wrecking balls.

#8 Post-This-Post-That

Post-This-Post-That is an entertaining and best Snapchat story games game where you’ll have to post a story with pictures of all the people you want to mention. Whoever replies to your story will automatically accept the challenge and will have to do the same.

#9 Bonds

Bonds is a well-known insta story game where people get to know about the bonds of their friends.  Then, your friends will have to reply with honest answers to it.

#10 ABC Challenge

ABC Challenge is one of the best Snapchat story games. You have to upload a story having questions from A to Z. Whoever watches the story will have to reply to you with all the answers. In this manner, you both would spend quality time chatting.

The real judge of a gaming service is, well, its games, and Snap’s game library has a wide variety of styles and quality. You’ll find plenty of titles: puzzle games, lifestyle sims, platformers, and even a few low-stakes action games. Some of the games even let users import 3D versions of their Snapchat Bitmoji.

Snapchat is a new sensation among the youth. Teenagers are very much fond of it. They spend their quality time on Snapchat. Snapchat’s unique interactive features leave no stone unturned to make it popular among masses. Since its release, It holds a special place in the hearts of its fans’.

Everyday Snapchat is introducing something new to keep engaging its users with it. Snapchat Stories always leads the charts. Be it be a challenge, a task, or a fun game everything is unique in Snapchat.

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Final Words

Hey Readers, Thank you for coming so far. This is all about ” 10 Best Snapchat Story Games”. However, This keeps on changing with every new introduction. But nothing to worry here, As We will be updating this list as soon as something new will appear.

So What are you waiting for? Pick a story idea from here and start playing it with your near and dear ones on Snapchat and become popular among them with your great new ideas.

Start flaunting your stories and posts. But don’t forget to share your feedback here in the comment section.

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