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5 Best VPN for Vudu: How to Watch Vudu Outside US

Want to enjoy Vudu outside the US? Not a big deal! You just require a VPN to stream Vudu anywhere in the world but choosing the best VPN can be daunting. No worries folks here is a quick rundown of the best VPN for Vudu to stream Vudu in a safe manner.

Streaming is the norm of today and there are different streaming apps and sites that exist over the internet. You can watch the latest movies and TV shows on various streaming platforms with just a few taps of your fingers and Vudu is one of them. But if you reside outside the US then you are unable to stream the content of Vudu. It can happen only if you have an IP address of the US or Mexico but how will you make it possible. With a VPN you can watch whatever you want from any location.

We are here to guide you on how to watch Vudu outside the US so just scroll down and discover 5 best VPN for Vudu. Along with best Vudu VPNs let’s know what is Vudu exactly.

What is Vudu?

Vudu is a US-based streaming company just like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. Owned by Walmart Vudu sells and rents movies and TV shows and also has an ad-supported service that is free to watch. You can watch 15000+ movies and TV shows on Vudu but the limitation is that only US citizens are eligible to enjoy Vudu. There is no subscription fee to sign up for Vudu and you just need to pay for a specific movie or TV show you want to rent or buy.

The thing that differs Vudu from other streaming sites is that its availability only in the US and out of US Vudu is geo-restricted. Luckily you can access Vudu in Australia, Canada, UK, Germany and anywhere in the world via a VPN.

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5 Best VPN for Vudu: Unlock Vudu outside US

The best answer for how to watch Vudu outside the US is a good VPN and after testing over 50 VPNs I am going to reveal the list of best VUDU VPN below:


ExpressVPN worth ranking on 1st position in the list of best VPN for Vudu because of its military-grade encryption, no-log policy, fast speed and a huge network of servers.

For me, ExpressVPN is the best pick for Vudu as the provider offers the fastest download speed that will result in Vudu’s 4k videos streaming without any issue. Here are the pros and cons of ExpressVPN:


  • For HD streaming and fast download ExpressVPN’s server is ideal.
  • A wide array of US and Mexico based servers
  • Great customer support and available for 24/7
  • Support various OS like Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, and MAC
  • Mastery in unblocking geo-restricted content


  • One and only shortcoming of this no. 1 VPN is its higher price and if you are okay with higher costs then non-other VPN can beat this.

5 Best VPN for Vudu: How to Watch Vudu Outside US, Tech chums

2.Nord VPN

With an abundance of 5000+ servers worldwide Nord VPN is our next choice to unlock Vudu outside US.

Military-grade encryption, zero-log policy, and multiple servers privacy stand it out among the mob. However, the download speed is not up to the mark but the affordable prices will attract your attention. Let’s check out good and bad sides of Nord VPN:


  • More than 1700 servers available in US and Mexico to access Vudu content
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • No compromise with security as Nord VPN offers you strong encryption and zero-log policy.
  • Support for all major platforms like Windows, MAC, iOS, Android, and Linux
  • Relatively lower price than other VPN providers


  • Slow download speed can annoy you

5 Best VPN for Vudu: How to Watch Vudu Outside US, Tech chums


If you are using a VPN first time then I recommend Cyberghost to unlock Vudu outside US. Cyberghost is pretty easy to use and newbies can operate it without any hassle. Fast downloading speed and reasonable price of Cyberghost compel us to mention it in the list of best VPN for Vudu.

Cyberghost posses over 3700 servers around the world and out of them 730 exist in US so you will not face any issue while accessing Vudu via Cyberghost. Here are the pros and cons of Cyberghost:


  • Best for newbies as it is pretty easy to use.
  • Enjoy HD 4K streaming without any buffering.
  • One of the most notable attire of Cyberghost is its top-notch privacy policy.
  • Multiple platform support and easy to use apps available for all major platforms.


  • Not suitable for experienced users as they will feel the scarcity of advanced features.

5 Best VPN for Vudu: How to Watch Vudu Outside US, Tech chums


Switching to a VPN for streaming videos and other media stuff along with Vudu? If yes then our next candidate that worth trying is IPVanish has over 1200 servers in 60 countries. Apart from top-notch encryption, IPVanish doesn’t take any log of your activities. The promising features and shortcomings of IPVanish are as follows:


  • IPVanish boasts more than 60 servers in the US and Mexico so you can enjoy any streaming site with it.
  • Dedicated apps for Android and iOS available along with the desktop support for PCs and MAC. If you own a Firestick then it is ideal for firestick also.
  • Solid encryption and zero-log policy
  • It offers you faster downloading speed.


  • Poor customer support
  • Sometimes there may be buffering while accessing Netflix and Hulu’s content.

5 Best VPN for Vudu: How to Watch Vudu Outside US, Tech chums


Though the PrivateVPN is the new entry in the era of VPNs, there is huge potential for improvement. The VPN provider has over 150 servers in 60 countries but most of the servers are situated in the US. As most of the servers are in the US you can stream Vudu and other streaming services without interruption.

The most desired features of a VPN are privacy and security and PrivateVPN fulfills both as it offers you military-grade encryption and zero-log policy. Have a look at the positive and negative sides of PrivateVPN:


  • Fast downloads speed that is ideal for 4K streaming.
  • Bitcoin payment option available.
  • 6 devices connections simultaneously
  • Multiple device support including Android, iOS, Windows, MAC, and Linux.


  • Customer support is not satisfactory.
  • Lack of servers.

5 Best VPN for Vudu: How to Watch Vudu Outside US, Tech chums

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How to watch Vudu from  anywhere

So finally you get familiar with the best VPN for Vudu and here are the steps to access Vudu from anywhere in the world:

  • Choose a VPN first with solid security and privacy along with fast downloads speed.
  • After it subscribe and install the VPN software on your preferred device.
  • Now use the installed VPN to the server in the US or Mexico.
  • Finally, log in to Vudu and initiate your streaming experience outside the US.

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Ready to watch Vudu outside US?

Doesn’t matter where you are residing currently, you can watch Vudu from anywhere in the world with a VPN. We hope our guide will help you to unlock Vudu outside US and if you pick any of the above-mentioned VPN to access the content of Vudu then please share your feedback with us.

Have you used any other VPN to unlock Vudu then express your views in the comment box? If you found the information useful then do share with other users.


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5 Best VPN for Vudu: How to Watch Vudu Outside US, Tech chums