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10 Best Whatsapp Tricks You Need to Know

Whatsapp! The instant messaging platform! Seeing my title you must be aware of what today I am going to share something about WhatsApp. Right? Before proceeding, I want to ask you Do you know the Best Whatsapp tricks to make messaging more interesting? Scroll down to read more!

Whatsapp has been the most used apps around the world since the day it launched. Whatsapp has a great interface with simple, secure and reliable messaging. The app has audio and video call facility as well as along with the text. The app is available for Andriod, iOS and Windows/MAC.

Whatsapp Features

We all use WhatsApp and must be well aware of its features. I am sharing some of the ming blowing features here.

  1. Simple and Reliable Messaging.
  2. You can make groups keep in touch with more than one person at the same time.
  3. Chat on various devices(synced)
  4. No lag in video calls.
  5. Share pictures instantly. No need to click and then attach from the gallery and send it. Directly click ad send.
  6. End-to-End encryption results in more security.
  7. Apart from sharing messages, videos, audios, and texts, you can easily share documents as well.

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10 Best Whatsapp Tricks You Need to Know

Of all the instant messaging apps around the world like Helo, Snapchat, WeChat, Viber Etc, WhatsApp is always the upper-hand. You may be using the WhatsApp at its best, but there is still a possibility that you may not be aware of some hidden features. The below-shared tricks are recently added to WhatsApp and you may not know. These Features and tricks makes your chatting life amazingly beautiful. Let us discuss all the tricks in detail.

1) Delete Messages sent accidentally

This feature is recently added to the app. This depicts that if you have sent a message to the sender accidentally(by mistake), you may delete it from your side as well as the sender’s side. The message gets deleted from the sender’s side is and only if he/she hasn’t read the message yet. This is one of the Best Whatsapp tricks you should know.

2) Turn Off Last seen

Do you want to stay anonymous? Turn off your last seen.

Go to setting, account setting and then privacy and turn off your last seen from there.

Turning off your last seen restrict you to view other’s last seen as well.

3) Read Receipt feature

Do you want to read a message but want to show up that you don’t? Disable Read receipt feature. Read receipts are always sent for group chats. Similar to turning off last seen, if you disable read receipt for others, you too won’t be able to see about others.

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4) Change Text language

It is not necessary to talk in English. Choose the language of your preference and enjoy chatting in your own language with your dear ones.

Go to settings, select chat and then go to App language. Choose any language and go ahead.

5) Bookmark important message

It a brand new feature in the app, That’s simply known as Bookmark.  Open that chat, Select any message and then Enable the star on the top of the screen.

Also, you can pin a chat. This means the chat you pinned comes at the top of the screen. Select a chat and press the pin sign on the top. So you do not have to search your favorites in the long list, those are pinned and bookmarked.

6) App Search

Do you want to search for a message in the app? But how. From 100’s of apps and 10,000 of messages, how do you find the message you are searching for.

Don’t worry! Whatsapp comes with an amazing update. If you want to search for a message, simply write a keyword related to the whole text in the search bar. You will get all the results related to that keyword.

Suppose, you had a chat with someone related to cake order and now you dont know where the chat has gone among 1000’s of messages. So search the word cake in the search bar and get all the related results.

7) Broadcast Message

Want to send a message to more than one person? Fed up of copy and paste or forward procedure? use a broadcast message feature to send messages to your whole chat list(max 256) in one go.

Go to settings, then broadcast message and choose contacts to broadcast, write the message and send.

8) Save the Data

Is WhatsApp sucking your mobile data? Do you receive 100’s of pictures and videos in a day that is of no use? Don’t you want to download them? why worry?

Now you have the option not to download media automatically and this will save your data for sure. Download media of your choice only.

9) Write BIS text

Make your conversation more interesting by changing your text to Bold, Italic and strikethrough.

but how? Follow the font below

*text*    – For bold

_text_    – for italic

/text/     – for strikethrough

This is one of the best WhatsApp tricks that can change your mood while chatting by having more fun through text.

10) Know your favorites

The persons who chat the most come under the top three results of your chat. Chat with the most or share images with the most. So, you do not have to search them on the long list again and again.

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Hey friends, these are the best WhatsApp tricks and features you should know. Now make your chat more interesting by using these tricks. Make your text more attractive by making it bold and italic.

I hope you would like the article. Share your feedback. Thank you!


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