Blizzard released a new Overwatch teaser

Blizzard is teasing the next Overwatch hero with a great old time. A new video from the official Overwatch Twitter shows a close-up of what looks like a tagged lab suit.

The video starts with Kaplan saying how excited he is to talk about this update, only to be sucked into a singularity and disappear, with mathematical equations flying around at the end of the video in the white space.

The 14-second teaser displays an orange and black jumpsuit with a name tag read “Subject ∑,” read as Sigma topic and a bar code. At the beginning of the teaser, a smooth piano melody plays in the background but it rapidly cuts into blaring alarms.

Since Sigma is associated with math, it seems likely that the Kaplan video was either a direct result of this unintended leak, or Blizzard is preparing to reveal new Sigma Overwatch hero.

Overwatch hero Sigma, the next hero who will join the roster accessible to players in each game, may have inadvertently disclosed Blizzard. 

While Blizzard is well known for including tiny information that suggests that their games will be updated in the future, this leak could be a full accident.

Most notably, you can spot on the tag, the symbol for Sigma, the Greek letter “Σ.” It’s not the first time the term has lately appeared.

After more than just a name or a face, fans are trying to decode the abilities of Sigma and possibly his relationship with the two teasers with other Overwatch heroes. Nothing is concrete, but some consistencies are interesting.


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Blizzard released a new Overwatch teaser, Tech chums