Blizzard responds to charges on Hearthstone censorship

Uldum’s Hearthstone Saviors will be published in late August but Blizzard will proceed to create large revelations about the next extension before that occurs.

Recaps are made every week as to what new cards have been confirmed for the expansion of the big summer.

And it was also confirmed that another four fresh packs for Uldum’s Saviors had already been disclosed. This had taken place on Thursday, July 18, during San Diego Comic-Con, and had included a few other revelations that supporters may appreciate.

This involves a unique Hearthstone board featuring some voice actors and a part of the production group collaborating on the latest expansion.

The committee will present four fresh card revelations, which will undoubtedly include a link to one of the attending speech artists.

Blizzard Entertainment released a patch in the lead up to the upcoming expansion of Hearthstone’s “Saviors of Uldum” to make way for the new content. The update removed some older cards from the standard mode of the game, added some new cards to the Classic set of the game, and changed the art of eight old cards in a move that stirred up tons of controversy.

All the modifications in sign design appear to create the items either less attractive or less offensive at first sight. The Eviscerate card, which has always been one of the game’s most popular spells, has been changed so there is no blood in the art anymore. The Succubus token, which used to portray a whip-wielding lust demon, is now called the Felstalker, and it feels like a four-legged demon with huge teeth run-of-the-mill.

It’s not a rare cause for corporate rebranding, and this kind of image tweak is not particularly unexpected in a digital card game targeted mainly at adolescents and youth. There are hundreds of innovative factors engaged in developing an item like Hearthstone’s look, touch, and sound, and since the play has been around for five years now, it’s all but anticipated that these types of artistic modifications will happen at some stage.


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Blizzard responds to charges on Hearthstone censorship, Tech chums