Borderlands 3 Shift Codes List (March 2020): Unlock Special Loot

Borderlands 3 Shift Codes, Borderlands 3 Shift Codes List (March 2020): Unlock Special Loot, Tech chums

If you want to earn Special loot, you might be searching for Borderlands 3 Shift Codes. Right? Everyone these days is talking about shift codes, golden keys, special loot but from where do you get all these? Today in this article I am going to share everything about shift codes and some working shift codes as well.

To unlock the Golden Chest Century, you need active Golden Keys. To get the Borderlands 3 Shift codes, you’ll have to move to the Shift section of the menu in-game and input the code which will then send Golden Keys to your mailbox. Borderlands 3 came was launched in September 2019 and since then players are searching for active keys all around.

How to get Borderlands 3 Shift codes?

  • The First Method is to order the codes while ordering the game. Pre-order.
  • The second method is to grab them from the Twitter account.
  • The third way is to Wait for any of the upcoming free content updates, such as the Halloween-themed Bloody Harvest event in October to get the Golden keys.

Borderlands 3 Shift codes List (March 2020)

Gearbox releases active golden keys every month, you just need to keep an eye on them and if you can’t you are lucky to read this article. Gearbox shares keys through social accounts like Twitter. Some of the codes are limited to a certain time while some are permanent that you can use any number of times without any hassle. So I am sharing here both types of codes.

Borderlands 3 Shift Codes, Borderlands 3 Shift Codes List (March 2020): Unlock Special Loot, Tech chums

Permanent Codes

CHKB3-FJT9J-SK3K5-T33JJ-95J56 – 1 Golden Key
ZFKJ3-TT6FF-KTFKT-T3JJT-JWX36 – 1 Golden Key
Z65B3-JCXX6-5JXW3-3B33J-9SWT6 – 1 Golden Key
9XCBT-WBXFR-5TRWJ-JJJ33-TX53Z – 1 Golden Key

Time-Bound Codes

Below given 3 codes are brand new and are going to expire on 13th April 2020. These codes are shared recently on Twitter. Grab fast.


VIP Codes

Creator Codes list – Borderlands 3 VIP Codes (Limit: 4 redemptions per event)

  1. EARLYACCESS (500 VIP Points)
  2. COHHVIP (250 VIP Points)
  3. BONJWA-BL3LAUNCH (200 VIP Points)
  5. LARALOFT-BL3LAUNCH (200 VIP Points)

Email Codes list – Borderlands 3 VIP Codes

  1. Use ALMOSTTHERE to get 1000 VIP Points
  2. Use ITSHERE to receive 1000 VIP Points
  3. Use JABBER to get 1000 VIP Points
  4. Use ABCEASYAS123 to earn 250 VIP Points
  5. Use BL3ATE3 to get 250 VIP Points
  6. Use BL3WELCOME to earn 250 VIP Points
  7. Use BUILDURSQUAD to get 250 VIP Points
  8. Use CLAPTASTIC to receive 250 points
  9. Use LESSTHANTHREE to gain 250 VIP Points
  10. Use LOOTLOOTLOOT to receive 250 points
  11. Use MADSKILLZ to gain 250 VIP Points
  12. Use MYMAIN to earn 250 VIP Points
  13. Use OVERCLOCKED to get 250 VIP Points
  14. Use OVERONEBILLION to gain 250 VIP Points
  15. Use POWERUPEMAIL to get 250 VIP Points

Earn VIP points in other ways

  1. Linking your 2K Account  and earn 750 VIP Points
  2. Linking your Twitch account  and get 750 VIP Points
  3. Completing your Shift Profile and get 250 VIP Points
  4. Completing VIP Surveys and  collect 250 VIP Points each
  5. Watching the Announcement Trailer and gain 250 VIP Points
  6. Reading more about the Vault Insider Program and receive 100 VIP Points

Borderlands 3 to giveaway in-game loot to the viewers of the Gameplay Reveal Event

Final Words

Hey friends, What are you waiting for now? Go and grab your code and Enjoy Special loot.

I hope you would like the article. Share your feedback. Thank you!

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