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Borderlands 3 to giveaway in-game loot to the viewers of the Gameplay Reveal Event

, Borderlands 3 to giveaway in-game loot to the viewers of the Gameplay Reveal Event, Tech chums

Borderlands has scheduled its gameplay reveal event on May 1, 1 pm ET for its third installment in the franchise. Here’s an incentive for the users. Players who watch the stream with the official Borderlands 3 ECHOcast Twitch Extension will have a chance to receive some sweet in-game loot!

Borderlands has given a few hundred streamers early access to the game who will be streaming their gameplay over Twitch.

By clicking on the tiny vault icon on the screen, spectators will be able to enable the ECHOcast extension. Fans will be able to see their streamer’s loadout, their backpack contents and much more. They’ll also be able to see the exact stats over whatever they hover their mouse.

Now, the part which most of you are looking for. The loot. They’re calling it the Rare Chest Events. Whenever a streamer will find a rare chest in the game, all the spectators will have 30 seconds to claim their chance of receiving the same loot as the streamers’. If you’re lucky, which we hope you are, you’ll have another 30 seconds to select your prize and claim it.

Once claimed, the loot will be available in your Borderlands 3 mailbox once you play it.

Sounds good? Go ahead and link your Gearbox SHIFT account with your twitch account else you won’t be able to receive any prize.

Happy Looting!

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