Common iOS 13 Problems and How to Fix Them

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iOS 13 is the tiny upgrade for iPhone users but after installing the latest iOS update many users are facing various issues. If you have headed here then you also got a headache due to iOS 13 problems but don’t worry folks we are here with the best fixes for iOS 13 issues.

Along with covering the main jailbreak issues, iOS 13.5.1 brings a wide array of issues and errors that are really frustrating. Though Apple is working to fix these bugs and problems associated with the latest iOS 13 update we are noticing rising complaints from iPhone users who switched to the latest update from the older one.

Unusual battery drain, Wi-Fi connectivity problems, Bluetooth issues, crashes, and installation bugs are the issue that occurred due to the 13.5.1 update. These issues are pretty easy to fix and to help you out we are here with our guide “iOS 13 issues and fixes” so go through the post and reveal the simplest tricks to deal with the latest iOS 13 problems.

Most Common iOS 13 Problems and Fixes

If you are finding problems while connecting to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, your battery drains unusually, or issues in installation then here are the quick fixes for all of them.

#1 Unable to connect to Wi-Fi

Many iPhone users are struggling with this issue after switching to iOS 13.5.1 update and I think this is the most common bug and with these steps, you can resolve it.

  • Navigate to Settings and tap on Wi-Fi.
  • Now choose the connection you are facing issues with by tapping the “I” in the circle.
  • After it, you need to tap on “Forget This Network” and then you can reconnect to the Wi-Fi connection.\

If this fix doesn’t work for you then try this:

  • Move to Settings >General> Reset.
  • Tap on Reset Network Settings.

Oops! Still, you are encountering the same issue then its time to observe Apple’s guide for Wi-Fi issues.

#2 Bluetooth Connectivity Issue

In case you are unable to connect with other devices via Bluetooth then you need to follow these instructions to troubleshoot this iOS 13 issue:

  • First of all, go to the settings and tap on the Bluetooth option.
  • Again choose the connection by tapping “I” in the circle.
  • Now tap on “Forget this device”.
  • Finally, try to reconnect.

If the problem still exists then here are steps you have to execute:

  • Navigate to settings > General > Reset.
  • Tap on “Reset Network Settings”.

#3 Battery Life Issues

Your iPhone’s battery is draining fast after moving to iOS 13 update? Here are the quick solutions for unusual battery drain:

  • First, fix for this problem is to restart your iPhone.
  • After it check the apps you have installed in your device. For inspecting the battery usage for every app navigate to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage tool. Via this tool, you will observe how much battery a particular app consuming. If you notice an app that is eating too much battery, try to update that app and if there is no update available then uninstall the app.
  • If apps are not responsible for battery drain then its time to reset the settings of your iPhone. Navigate to Settings > General > Reset > Reset all settings.
  • Turn on Low power mode to save your device’s battery. For enabling low power mode move to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls > enable by tapping on Green colored Plus sign.
  • The latest iOS update 13 comes with a brand new feature called “Optimized Battery Charging” that helps to save battery life. For turning it on navigate into General > Battery > Battery Health and toggle Optimized Battery Charging on.
  • If your device vibrates every time when you receive a message or notification then it consumes more battery so to resolve the problem disable vibration mode. Go to Settings > Sounds > Toggle Vibrate on Ring and Vibrate on Silent off.

If the problem still exists then its time to replace the battery of your iPhone. Head to the nearest Apple Store or contact Customer service online.

#4 iOS 13 Installation Issues

In case your installation process for iOS 13 got stuck then you have to perform a hard reset on your iOS smartphone. The hard reset process varies from device to device:

  • Old iPhone Model – Hold power button and home button simultaneously and have patience until the device reboots.
  • iPhone 7 – hold the volume down and power button
  • iPhone 8 – press volume up and release, press volume down and release
  • iPhone X – press volume up, volume down, and hold the side button on the right edge of your smartphone until the phone reboots.


Though the iOS 13 update brings various bugs and issues here we have focused on the most common iOS 13 problems and I hope you got the best solutions for the serious iOS 13 issues.

If you really found the post informative then let us know below in the comment section and also notify us if you are seeking a solution for any other problem that is associated with iOS 13 update.

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