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How to Customize Your Roblox Character Without Robux: Look Cool for Free

Want to customize your Roblox character for free? Don’t have robux to buy cool outfits for your avatar? No worries folks here is a solution to look cool in Roblox without robux. Scroll down to know!

Roblox is not only a game but also a game creation platform where you can enjoy other users’ games, create your own, customize your avatar and also trade customization items. Usually, we buy customization items with Robux but in case you don’t have then you can also upgrade the look of your character with the free stuff from the main menu.

Shirts, hats, hairs, pants and much more exist on Roblox that you can wear for free. But how?

Let’s learn how to customize your avatar in Roblox for free.

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How to customize your Roblox character (free)

To get popularity on Roblox you need to look different from others and to stands out among the mob you need to follow simple instruction given below:

Step1: Login 

Your initial move in order to customize your avatar on Roblox is to log in to your Roblox account. Just enter your email address and password for logging in.

Step2: Select Character

At the top right corner, you will find three horizontal lines, tap on it and choose “Character” from the drop-down list.

Step3: Change hair

Customization means modification in each part to look different so change your hairs first. For changing your hairs tap on the “hair” category and choose the hair pattern you want to opt. Isn’t easy!

Step 4: Choose a new shirt

The foremost outfit that can change the whole look is a shirt and your next move is to change the shirt of your avatar. In the “Outfits” category choose the “Shirts” option and then tap on your desired one to wear.

Step5: Select a new pant

Without cool pants, you can’t look attractive so choose bottom wear in your next step.

Step6: Try cool accessories 

Hmm…you have selected a shirt and pants for your avatar but something is still missing. Yes, without a trendy hat you would not look cool. So from the accessories category choose a hat to customize your Roblox character.

Step7: Customize the desired part of your body

There are lots of customization stuff on Roblox and you can click on each part of your body to get customization items such as accessories, gears, and much more. Even you can change your facial look and color. YAWN face, silly face, woman face, etc available to choose from.

Step8: Tap on the gear icon

Now you have selected outfits and accessories to customize your avatar in Roblox and its time to start rocking. There is a gear icon above your character, choose it and then select “Wear”.

That’s it now you are ready to surprise other Roblox players with your cool look.

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Bottom Lines

Apart from free customization items, you can buy some eye-catching outfits on Roblox but for this you need Robux. You must have the Builders member club membership to earn a certain amount of Robux and you can also earn Robux after creating your own game. But with the above-mentioned steps, you can look cool in Roblox without Robux.

I hope you found the post informative and if you really enjoyed it then do share with your Roblox lover friends. Share your feedback as well. Goodbye and happy gaming.


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