Do you need a dedicated server for your business?

dedicated server, Do you need a dedicated server for your business?, Tech chums

Congratulations, your business is doing something right! Wondering how I know that? You are reading an article about whether your business is ready for a dedicated server or not. That alone shows that your business is growing to a point where having a dedicated server is a wise investment. But how do you know that it is time to get a dedicated server for your website? Here are some of the signs that you should look for to know it is time to start investing in dedicated hosting. 

1. You want more security

The more popular your website becomes, the more vulnerable it gets. If you are using your website to collect sensitive customer information, a dedicated server is the best option for you. It gives you complete control of your security and privacy. With a dedicated server, you can easily add two-factor authentication, block those that you want, and have complete control of your security. Because you will not be sharing your server with other websites, your website is safe. Remember, in a shared server, because all websites rely on the same security function and features when one website is attacked, all the other websites that are on the same server are at high risk. 

2. Your traffic is getting high

Shared hosting is the best option for websites that receive less than 20 visitors per second. If your website is getting more than this number regularly, it is time to upgrade to a dedicated server. Traffic spikes translate into more business transactions and more revenue generation. If you are currently using a shared server that goes down for some minutes every time there is a traffic spike, that must be frustrating you and everyone else that is on the same server. Traffic spikes are also hard to predict. Every time something on your website goes viral, you should expect a traffic spike, and if your website is on a shared server, it will go down for some minutes when everyone wants to visit. Because you can’t predict when your content will go viral and attract traffic to your website, the best thing that you can do is to upgrade to a dedicated server. With a dedicated server, your website won’t go down again only because it is experiencing a traffic spike.

3. You are regularly exceeding your bandwidth limit

Are the limits imposed by your host affecting your website? Your website might be having so much data, and you might now be running out of space. If your website is now receiving more visitors than ever before, your bandwidth might be going through the roof. If your website has more than 50 Gb of data and you are still on a shared server, that must be affecting its performance. 

dedicated server, Do you need a dedicated server for your business?, Tech chums

Starting with a shared server when your site load is still low is better than using a dedicated server. But you need to be preparing. Your site load grows with time, and there will come a time when a shared server will no longer be the best option for you. If your website has been around for some years, and it has been generating thousands of hits every day, it is time to switch to a dedicated server that will give you space to breathe and grow.

4. Your host limits the type of software that you can use

dedicated server, Do you need a dedicated server for your business?, Tech chums

Many shared web hosts restrict the type of software that you can install and run on the server. That is because they want to keep the other sites on the same server secure. In many shared host packages, you might not be allowed to use tools such as Chevereto, Ghost, and Nodejs. Some will not allow you to use WordPress plugins because they can create a big server load, and some of them are insecure. In a dedicated server, you are free to install and run whatever you want. All that you need is to be careful and avoid using tools that will make your site more vulnerable.

5. You want to host multiple websites than your current hosting plan allows

A shared hosting plan limits the number of domains and websites that you can host. You need a high hosting plan if you want to host more domains and websites. Such hosting plans can be more expensive than having your own dedicated server. Migrating to a dedicated server will allow you to host as many websites as you want while paying a fixed cost. You can save money by just going for a dedicated server instead of a high hosting plan. Apart from helping you save money, a dedicated server will also guarantee better site performance and security.

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