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How to Download Movies from 123Movies in 720p 1080p formats

After a hectic schedule, one of the best ways to amuse ourselves are movie streaming platforms. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Max, and many more paid services are here but if you don’t want to burn your pocket then free options also exist. Among free streaming sites 123Movies is a well-known name and if you are looking to download movies from 123Movies then your search ends up here.

Todays’ post is all about how to download movies from 123Movies 2020 and legality of 123Movies. So let’s check out how can you download the content of 123Movies to watch while on the go.

123Movies (Brief Overview)

Free word attracts the attention of everyone and why we need to spend money when we can access the desired content for free. Thus free movie streaming sites got popularity and 123Movies is also a free movie streaming source that got banned in 2018. The reason behind the specialization was copyrighted infringement but the developers of 123Movies created proxy sites and people still visiting them for watching the latest movies.

123Movies is the hub of Millions of movies and TV shows and even you can enjoy those titles that are running in the theaters. Hollywood, Bollywood, regional, and many more categories of movies exist on 123Movies to watch for free. But watching copyrighted content without paying a fee is a punishable offense and 123Movies makes you the victim of copyright violation.

123Movies is a group of 12 sites or you can call it a brawny network that provides copyrighted content for free. was the real name of the streaming site that got banned in 2018 and again in March 2018, the developers renamed it as to avail you the streaming and downloading facility of free content. enables you to download HD movies in720p 1080p formats.

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Is it legal to download movies from 123Movies?

As I discussed above 123Movies provides you premium content for free so you can assume yourself is it legal or not. 123Movies is a totally illegal source to watch and download movies and shows and if you don’t want to put you in trouble then there are so many paid options available.

Simply 123Movies is violating copyright laws and visiting such sites without a VPN is foolishness because your ISP track each and every online activity. VPN bypass your online activities and create a private network for you that safeguards your online security and keeps you safe from malicious and suspicious sites.

How to download Movies from 123Movies in 720p 1080p formats?

Well, despite the fact that 123Movies is quite illegal if you still want to download the content of 123Movies then you need to help of a software. Nevertheless, the sole motive of writing this post is to aware you the whole process of downloading movies from 123Movies so have a look below to learn:

Method1: Download movies from 123Movies with 5K Player

5K Player is the leading software that enables you to download videos 720p and 1080p video resolutions for free. It is totally legitimate to use and you can also change subtitles with this versatile video downloading software. Not only downloading but also 5K Player allows you to stream videos in HD quality. Here are the simplest and quickest steps to download movies from 123Movies with 5K Video Player:

  • Make sure you are using a PC or Laptop for downloading movies from 123Movies because 5K Player is compatible only with Windows and MAC.
  • So the initial step in order to download the content of 123Movies is to download 5K Player on your system. Just navigate to the Official site of 5K Player and download from there.
  • After downloading install the video downloading software on your system.
  • Now its time to head to the 123Movies and search for the movie you want to download, click on the movie and copy the URL of the movie instead of streaming it.
  • Then open up the 5K Player and paste the URL that you have copied.
  • Choose the format and click on the download button.
  • Wait for a while until the downloading process will complete.

Method2: download movies from 123Movies with Tubeoffline

If you don’t want to install additional software for downloading movies then go for the next method. Tubeoffline is an online tool that will help you to download movies from 123Movies and here are the steps for the same:

  • First of all, you need to open up 123Movies in one tab and Tubeoffline on the second tab on your browser.
  • Go to 123Movies first and search for the movie you want to download and after finding the search result click on Play option. Let the movies play for 40 to 60 seconds and then copy the URL.
  • Then paste the copied URL in the given area by Tubeoffline and click on download option.
  • You are thinking you have done but you are wrong. It will not download the movie but it will start installing a plugin for the same.
  • In your browser’s bookmark installed plugin will appear and you just need to drag and drop it.
  • Again navigate to the movie page and now a pop up will appear asking you to download the movie.
  • That’s it.

5K Player vs Tubeoffline: Which one is more secure and effective

I have explained both methods to download movies from 123Movies but the method which is secure and reliable is 5K Player. Tubeoffline will not always proceed you to download movies even after reinstalling the plugin. Moreover, it is not a safe option for downloading movies and you need to take the assistance of a virtual private network.

5K Player wins the race between the two and I recommend you to download movies via 5K Player.

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final note

Technology has changed our means of entertainment and now everyone wants to entertain themselves within the comfort of their home. Movie streaming sites enable you to watch whatever you want on different devices and 123Movies is the best one among all. Here you learned the downloading process of movies from 123Movies and through 5K PLayer and Tubeoffline.

With 5K Player you can download videos from any streaming sites without any security risk so go for 5K Player to satisfy your downloading needs.

If you know any other ways to download movies from 123Movies then share your knowledge with us via comment section. In case of any query regarding the above-mentioned methods please let us know below.

Thank you for reading!


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