How to Download Tiktok Video with Watermark Free save on PC or Macbook

There is no doubt that there are more and more active users on Tiktok and Tiktok is becoming one of the most popular social media platforms. In my opinion, Tiktok will be beyond Twitter, Snapchat even Facebook become the biggest Social Media platform within 3 years if Facebook has no solution to be against it.

As of Q1 2019, TikTok is the most downloaded app on the Apple App Store, with 33 million downloads in a single quarter (Sensor Tower, 2019). The app strongly beats out YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger, which round out the top five. And now it is Q1 of 2020, I doubt that Tiktok will be more aggressive now. And more and more the USA, Euro users join to Tiktok become a Tiktok Stars or Active users because TikTok is really an amazing short video social media platform which will make you want to stay with I always if you are free.

Nowadays, there are more and more Youtuber, Instagram posters and other KOL go to Tiktok and develop their Followers around the world. If you like a Tiktok Star, You may have a demand for Downloading their Tiktok Video, As we all know, We can download Tiktok Video via their APP, CLick share and download to Their Mobile phone. However, If you want to download a watermark-free version, or if you want to download it to your Computer or Laptop or Mackbook, you will find it difficult and seems impossible to do it if only on TikTok app because Tiktok Official doesn’t support it. Then, Is there any way for Tiktok Video Download without Watermark save on PC or Macbook or your Mobile Phone? Today, I would like to introduce Yamibest which is a Best Tiktok Video Downloader Around the Internet without downloading anything for you.

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#1 Visit Yamibest Official Site

The unique Website link of Yamibest is which is easy to be remembered for you. It is an online tool to download Tiktok Video without a watermark for visitors without requesting a registered account.

#2 Copy the Tiktok Video Link and Paste to Download Search bar

The way to Copy the tiktok video link is to Copy on the tiktok App as well as copy from and find the Tiktok stars video you want. And then Paste the Tiktok Video Link the Search Bar of yamibest. And Click Download.

#3 Select the Version you want

What impressed me most is that you can download a Tiktok video with a watermark as well as a Free watermark Version. It all depends on your request.

It is only 3 steps and easy for you to download a Tiktok video no matter you are in PC, Macbook, iPhone, Google Phone, Huawei, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, or another Android system mobile phone. It is so easy to finish this job without anything downloading to your mobile phone or your computer.

I strongly believe that, there will be more and more people who will treat Tiktok as their No.1 Social Media Choice especially with the Coming of 5G age, People will spend more and more Hours on Videos every day. And spending less and less time on Text words and Image, It is a trend. And I think the Tiktok Video Downloader tool like yamibest will develop better and better only if they can keep providing excellent download Video Experience and stable Service. I think it will be an excellent website and people will remember it forever.

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How to Download Tiktok Video with Watermark Free save on PC or Macbook, Tech chums