During the live stream, the cheater of Apex Legends is prohibited

Nothing is more enjoyable than seeing a hacker get the justice they deserve in Apex Legends, and the moment the banhammer hit was captured completely during a live stream of Twitch.

Respawn Entertainment was struck hard by the issues concerning their famous royal fight. The developments have a lot of jobs to do to tame their servers, from players having steady “code: leaf” mistakes to a crazy quantity of hackers throughout games.

But not everything is without hope as the creators of the Apex Legends have worked hard to prevent cheaters from ever linking to another game with their impressive spree of banning that is still going strong.

A hacker and their team made it down to the final six teams in their Apex game in a satisfactory video from streamer ShivFPS.

Earlier in the stream, when a firefight broke out in Bunker, Shiv and his team actually put up a decent performance against various teams before they came face-to-face with the cheating squad. The hackers have been able to monitor and eliminate Shiv and his team after a short-lived chase. While the streamer was persuaded of their hacking methods, he remained to see “waigai72” so that his stream could see for itself.

As anticipated, players in that team found players with incredible ease and broke shields. Then there were the different pinpoint precise long distance shots that clearly indicated they were cheating. Although it didn’t seem as if Shiv was prepared for what happened next, as the hacker he was watching was in the center of a gunfight when he suddenly disappeared from the match, moving viewership to another team member.

The streamer was hyped to see the instant justice unfold before his eyes as the crowd of his stream echoed the same emotion in his Twitch Chat spamming “Justice” and emotions.

While the Apex community still finds more cheaters on a daily basis, Respawn prohibited 770,000 players in the battle royale at one stage.

It’s difficult to play against cheaters, but discovering them and reporting them might lead to some more epic justice as ShivFPS discovered in his game.


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During the live stream, the cheater of Apex Legends is prohibited, Tech chums